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From an artistic prospective, the diagram is well ordered. Each key element is clearly labeled, and the elements fit together in a logi...


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At this point, I've uploaded all the segments in my (unimaginatively titled) Nicky's World series that are suitable for Deviant Art. The full list of segments written (roughly in chronological order) are as follows:
  1. Nicky's World
  2. Endgame
  3. Study Session
  4. Unexpected Summon
  5. Summer Break
  6. Special Project
  7. Warehouse Explorer
The stories that I felt fell outside of Deviant Art's policies can be found on my FurAffinity page. Please note that you will need to have a FurAffinity account to view them, as all of the stories were marked as containing Adult content (which FurAffinity restricts to members).


Occupational Hazards placeholder art
While I can't take credit for the character in the image, the pixel pushing on top is mine. Meet Samantha from the game Occupational Hazards. She is modeling a full ensemble of 4x series personal accessories from Cerebus Cybernetics Corporation. It remains to be seen if she is doing so willingly.

In episode 1 of Occupational Hazards, one of the gameplay paths leads to the character gaining the chastity belt from the collection (referenced in game as an E47-L chastity belt). After playing through an early public alpha of episode 2, I was inspired to recreate the belt for possible inclusion in the second episode. However, there is little point in having art assets if you can't use them, so I put together some seed material that provides the player with a means to obtain the devices in question. In addition to purchasing the belt, you also have the ability to procure it in a more creative way. Just remember that everything has its price.

The creator of Occupational Hazards is funding the development process for episode 2 through their Pateron page. Contributors at the $1/month level receive regular updates on the status of the project, while contributors at the $5/month level receive access to the closed alphas and other goodies. With the release of the 0.3.1 closed alpha, the seed material has been incorporated into the game with art from a more experienced artist. If you don't have the funds to sponsor the game, watch the page and keep an eye out for the next public alpha.
From an artistic prospective, the diagram is well ordered. Each key element is clearly labeled, and the elements fit together in a logical manner. However, compartment 7 (restrooms) may be redundant, as each inhabitant would most likely tend to use the facilities in their own cabin. Similarly, compartments 5 (common room) and 11 (garden) serve similar purposes.

Theoretically, med bay (8) could be relocated to 5 and Engineering (9) could be relocated to 11. This would allow compartments 7-9 to be merged into a single larger compartment, serving as a ballroom, for lack of a better name. The water feature from 11 would be exchanged with the core from 9, forming a sunken garden. The couches from 5 could either surround the fountain, or be curved to face the rest of the room with the holo table being either next to the garden or one of the couches. This would also isolate the critical spaces from the rest of the ship. The major downside to this realignment would be a less efficient linkage from engineering to the engines.
At this point, I've uploaded all the segments in my (unimaginatively titled) Nicky's World series that are suitable for Deviant Art. The full list of segments written (roughly in chronological order) are as follows:
  1. Nicky's World
  2. Endgame
  3. Study Session
  4. Unexpected Summon
  5. Summer Break
  6. Special Project
  7. Warehouse Explorer
The stories that I felt fell outside of Deviant Art's policies can be found on my FurAffinity page. Please note that you will need to have a FurAffinity account to view them, as all of the stories were marked as containing Adult content (which FurAffinity restricts to members).

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The middle-age vixen placed the rib bone on the plate in front of her, licked her muzzle then spoke. "Wonderful grilling Rocko. I assume you'll be taking the leftovers home?"

The response from the todd seated across the picnic table from her was a nod. "Yes. Olivia dropped me off here on the way to go shopping, and I promised her a sample of the cooking."

A younger vixen was seated next to the middle-aged vixen at the table. She shared the features of the two older vulpines, and was the next to speak. "I assume she's doing shopping for the cruise dad?"

Rocko nodded again. "Indeed she is Nicky. I thought we had everything we needed, but what do we guys know about such things?"

This line solicited laughter from both of the vixens, before the older one spoke again. "You have some fashion sense Rocko. If you didn't, the two of you wouldn't have been together for as long as you have."

The todd blushed a little. "I appreciate the vote of confidence Darci. We've had our rough moments in recent years, but things have settled down."

Nicky looked over the table before standing and reaching for one of the empty serving dishes. As she did so, she spoke. "Well, it looks like we're all about done eating. Should I clear the table? I know mom had plans for us for the afternoon."

Darci nodded. "Please do so Nicky, and I do. A little bird told me that my pet wanted to lose a few kilos before that cruise, and I got the impression that my girl wanted to work out some so she'd be in good condition for her summer job."

Rocko paused a moment while reaching for Darci's plate. "You would be correct Mistress. What's the job Nicky?"

"I'll be working as a lifeguard at the beach."

"I can see how you would need to be in shape for that. What kind of a swimsuit?"

Darci interjected before Nicky could speak. "Your basic one-piece suit, much to her dismay and my relief. She does enjoy showing off her curves after all."

Nicky blushed. "You know your girl well Mistress."

Both older vulpines chuckled at that, before Darci spoke again. "As well I should. Now, both of you hurry up and get everything cleared from outside. When you're finished, present yourself to me back here. While you are doing so, I'll get the equipment we'll need. Washing the dishes can wait until later."

Rocko and Nicky responded in unison with a simple "Yes, Mistress." before starting to scurry around the patio to pick up from the lunch. Darci took a moment to stretch before moving up the steps to the patio door and into her house. After passing through the adjacent kitchen and dining room, she turned and padded into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. After entering turned towards her closet and casually reached back, pulling her t-shirt off. As the shirt arched through the air towards the bed, she undid the clasp of her shorts over her tail. Moments later, it joined the shirt on the edge of the bed.

Clad in only in her silk undergarments, Darci opened the closet door and took a deep breath, enjoying the the smell of leather mixed with the other fabrics contained within. After a moment of consideration, she stepped inside and selected a pair jogging shoes, a pair of running shorts, and a light-weight workout shirt. The selected items were placed on the foot of the bed before she reached back and undid the clasp holding her bra in place. The bra ended up on the bed next to the discarded shorts and t-shirt, followed shortly thereafter by the thong she had been wearing.

The vixen strode over to the dresser against the wall and retrieved a pair of panties and a sports bra from one of the drawers. After sliding the new undergarments on, she put on the clothing which she had retrieved from the closet. Darci took a moment to gather her discarded clothing into a pile at the foot of the bed, before exiting her bedroom. On her way out the door, she grabbed a belt bag from the top of the dresser. This particular model was able to hold several water bottles, in its pockets. She crossed the hall and opened a locked door before descending down a set of stairs into her basement. After opening a second locked door at the foot of the stairs, she found herself in the familiar confines of her private dungeon.

It only took a couple minutes to find the pieces of equipment that she was looking for. After gathering them into a bag, she ascended the stairs, making certain both doors were locked on the way. As she emerged from the basement, she noted that her submissives had finished clearing the picnic table and had gone elsewhere in the house. Darci casually padded outside and settled down on the low wall surrounding the patio, setting the gear on the wall next to her.

As she waited for her submissives to get back out, she took the chance to survey the lawn. The back of the yard was taken up with a small garage which opened into the alley behind the house. Next to the garage was a small garden which she used to bolster her food supply in the summer. In front of the garden was a tall apple tree, a sturdy branch extending over the neatly trimmed lawn. Adjacent to the patio was an above ground pool, allowing the household to cool off on the warm summer days that were coming. Surrounding the yard was a tall wooden privacy fence.

Darci didn't have long to wait. Nicky and Rocko came out of the house less than a minute after Darci did, padding around to kneel in front of her on the grass, paws resting on slightly spread knees and heads bowed. Neither had anything on past the identical ornamental collars they wore. After they were settled, Darci gave a faint nod of approval her tailtip flicking as she spoke. "Good, my pets. Very good."

The response from both kneeling vulpines was a soft "Thank you Mistress." The corners of Darci's mouth twitched into a momentary smile before she continued speaking. "Pet, stand. Place your paws behind your neck, fingers interleaved with each other and your footpaws slightly more than shoulder width apart."

Rocko shifted positions, moving his paws off of his knees before standing and assuming the pose instructed. Darci retrieved one of the items from her pile of gear before standing herself. With a practiced ease, she proceeded to wrap the metal belt of the device around the todd's hips below his tail before placing the pins from one half through the holes from the other. She then pulled the metal band of the protector between his leg, quickly placing his sheath in its pocket before it had a chance to grow. After fitting the holes in the protector plate over the pins in the belt, she carefully secured a lock over the pins, preventing the belt from coming off.

The todd flushed a little as he was quickly denied the ability to masturbate, hoping that he would be let out in time for the cruise. Darci tugged lightly on the chastity belt, checking its fit before retrieving a length of green cloth from the pile of gear. She wraps the cloth around the todd's waist, forming a knee-length loin cloth over the belt. After stepping back and taking a moment to look over her pet, she spoke. "Pet, resume your previous position. Girl, stand and place your paws behind your neck with your fingers clasped and your footpaws next to each other. " Rocko reversed his previous movements, settling to his knees before lowering his rear to his heels. As he settled, he shifted a little, reacquainting himself with the feel of the chastity belt.

For her part, Nicky shift to the standing posture she had been instructed to take. She had a chastity belt similar to what Rocko was wearing, and she knew from prior experience that her mistress rarely put just one of her pets in a chastity belt. She was a bit puzzled though as it would be harder for her mistress to place the belt on her in the pose she had been instructed to take. "Girl, shift your weight to your right leg and lift your left footpaw." Nicky blinked at the command, before shifting her weight as instructed. Darci slid something around the raised footpaw before speaking again. "Place your left footpaw on the ground and lift your right footpaw up." Nicky complied with the instruction and felt the same something being slid around her other leg. Darci started to slide the item up Nicky's legs as she spoke. "You may put your footpaw back down girl."

As instructed, Nicky settled her footpaw back on the ground, then felt Darci slide what felt like a pair of panties up her legs. The material of the garment was unfamiliar to the younger vixen. It was slightly cool and seemed stiffer than the garments she usually wore. The waistband was split in the back, allowing it to fit over the wearer's hips and tail. Nicky felt it settle into place before being pulled tight against her fur. This was followed a moment later by the familiar clicking of a lock, just over her tail. Darci spoke once more. "Unclasp your fingers girl, and rest your paws on your shoulder blades, elbows up in the air."

Nicky did as she was told, and wasn't surprised to feel the brush of the same fabric against her paws and shoulder, before being passed around her arms and over her head before resting on top of her breasts. The fabric rested there a moment before Darci pushed the fleshy mounds into the confines of the fabric. Another quick gesture later, and a lock was securing the fabric in the rear, preventing its removal.

"At ease girl. Try to see if you can paw off." Nicky blinked at the instruction, before tracing her paws along the shoulder-straps of what felt like a sports bra. When she tried to give her breasts a light squeeze, the nature of the garment became clearer as her paws were met with firm resistance. After a few unsuccessful moments of trying to push it left and right, she dropped her paws to her hips, finding the same fabric as before. She was unsurprised when she tapped her fingers against the fabric over her clit and was greeted with a hollow sound which was heard rather than felt. After a few more moments of failing to fit a finger under the fabric, she crossed her paws behind her back and spoke. "This one cannot Mistress."

Darci nodded. "You will be wearing these under your work uniform, my girl. Although I pondered getting you something a bit more corset-like, I surmised that you would need your flexibility. Are either of you feeling any pinching?"

The other two vulpines shook their heads, and Darci continued speaking. "Good. Girl, go get a change of clothing for each of us, along with our shower supplies and put it in your backpack. When you are done, come back out here wearing the backpack and kneel as you were before."

"Yes Mistress. Were you thinking of any sort of clothing in particular?"

"Something casual for the bus ride home."

"As you command Mistress." Nicky turned slightly and padded back inside the house while Darci turned her focus back to Rocko. "Pet, sit on the patio wall next to the gear, facing the yard with your paws crossed behind your back." The todd leaned forward in response, shifting to his hands and knees before taking a couple steps sideways and forwards. He then shifted positions, placing his paws on the wall and turning around as he came to a seated position. Once he was settled, Darci lifted the todd's left footpaw up, held it in place for a moment, then released it. Rocko took the silent instruction and continued to hold the leg as his mistress had left it.

Darci reached into the pile of gear and pulled out a pair of boots. They resembled high-heals, except they lacked the heal portion. In addition, a glinting horseshoe was built into the sole of each boot. After taking a moment to identify which boot was which, Darci slid one onto the extended leg. Built into the back of the boot was a zipper, which the vixen proceeded to slide up the calf, closing the boot until it was secure over the todd's knee. As the zipper settled in place at the top of the boot cuffs, a faint click told both vulpines that it was locked on. Darci lightly pushed the left footpaw back down to the ground before repeating the process with the right footpaw.

After standing and taking a moment to look over her handiwork, Darci spoke. "Pet, stand and take a moment to check your circulation. Once you have done so, go get the leftovers that you will be taking home and your clothing and put it in the spare backpack in the dining room. Put on the backpack, then come back out and kneel as you were before."

The todd gave a brief nod of his head and spoke a simple "Yes Mistress" before doing as instructed, wobbling a moment as he settled into the boots. Darci had to wait a couple minutes before Nicky emerged from the house and settled again as instructed. Two more boots similar to those that Rocko emerged from the pile, and the younger vixen was rapidly fitted in an identical manner. By the time she had been fitted, the todd had emerged from the house and was kneeling as instructed. Darci flicked an ear back and gave another order. "Girl, take a couple moments to walk around and check the fit. When you are done, return to the patio and stand next to the wall with your back facing it. Pet, stand, take a step forward, then place your forearms together behind your back, paws on the elbows."

Both submissives stood as instructed. Darci retrieved a leather arm binder from the rapidly diminishing pile of gear and loosened the buckles on the straps. After sliding the bag portion of the arm binder over the todd's arms, she looped the harness over his head then tightened the straps. "Is anything too tight pet?"

Rocko gave a shake of the head, then responded "No, Mistress. Everything is comfortable." Darci gave a nod of her own, then used more padlocks to secure the straps. As she turned to look at Nicky, she gave another command. "Pet, go stand next to my girl." As Rocko padded around, she lightly grasped Nicky's arms and pushed them so that she was holding the same pose as the todd. Darci then proceeded to fit a matching arm binder onto the younger vixen, securing the straps in place once she too stated that everything was ok.

The final major pieces of gear in the pile ended up being a pair of trainer muzzles with built-in blinders. As she hefted one of them in her paws, she spoke. "Usual pony rules pets, one stomp for yes, two for no, three for safeword. Understood?" The other two vulpines each stomped a foot once, the shoes on the bottoms of the boots clicking as they impacted the concreet of the patio. Darci nodded, then reached forward, trying to slip the end of the muzzle over Rocko's head. This gesture was made harder when the todd gave a toss of his head and a raspberry. The elder vixen just shook her head and gave her pet a light slap to the cheek. "Now, behave pet. Otherwise, I won't give you a treat at the end of our workout." Rocko snorted, gave another toss of his head, then held it still, eyes forward. Darci waited a moment, then quickly slid the muzzle into place, punctuating the action with the clicking of yet another lock.

After giving the now repentant pony-fox a scritch between the ears, Darci turned her attention to her other pet. Nicky held her head in place, eyes forward. As Darci reached for the second muzzle, the only response from the younger vixen was a flick of the ears. Once the muzzle was secured around her head, she gave a light toss of the head, murring as she too received a brief scritch. Darci had a faint smile at the reaction, then spoke. "Ok pets, everything comfortable? This is your final chance to say something before we head out."

Once again, the response was a single stomp from each pony-fox. Darci gave a grin that told her pets that she was up to something. "Good. Stay here while I get a couple things from inside, then we'll be off." The vixen strowed into the house and closed the patio door behind her, locking it. She then went into the kitchen and filled a trio of water bottles with ice and water before storing them all in pouches on her belt bag. After taking a glance around the living room, she stepped out through the front door and locked it behind her.

Darci padded around the side of the house into the back yard where her pets awaited, opening the gate in the fence on her way. As she passed the section of the wall where she had placed the items from the basement, she spoke. "Today's exercise will be a light canter back to my pet's home. We will be pausing for short water breaks every mile or so. I expect you to move with an appropriate gait. Failure to do so will be punished." As she spoke, the vixen picked up two pairs of reigns from the top of the wall, clearing it off. She looped the middle of each set of reins around the belt before clipping one set to each muzzle.

After taking a glance back at each of her ponies, Darci clicked her tongue then started walking towards the side gate. As the slack in the reins stretched out, the brace of pony-foxen started moving, lifting their knees high with each step. Once the trio had passed through the still-open gate, Darci clicked her tongue twice in quick succession. All three foxen stopped before the lead vulpine moved to push the gate closed.

Darci paused a moment to listen for the click of the gate, before signaling her pets to start moving forward. The trio walked around the house, the boots of the pony-foxen thudding in the grass. The lead vixen strolled around the house, down the front walk and turned onto the sidewalk. As she made the turn, she gave another click of the tongue and picked up the pace, her pets following her lead.

The trio moved along the street at a light jog through the residential neighborhood. A handful of people were out and about in their front yards, but things were otherwise quiet. The path took them to a traffic light which turned red just as they reached it. As Darci slowed to a stop, she spoke. "Keep trotting in place my ponies." The two pony-foxen complied with the command, lifting their knees high as they walked in place. A minute later, the light changed and she signaled them to start moving again.

The street they were following terminated at the base of a T intersection, but the sidewalk extended further between two houses. Darci lead the trio down this path and out over a small pedestrian bridge. This bridge extended over a river and joined up with a path that paralleled the river. Once on the river path, the downtown skyline stretched out ahead of them.

After being on the path for a few minutes, Darci clicked her tongue twice in quick succession, paused a moment, then repeated the sound. After each command, the pony-foxen slowed, first to a trot, and then to a walk. The trio shifted their trajectory slightly, moving onto the grass as the lead vixen spoke. "Stop and kneel on the ground pets, facing each other." The other two vulpines complied with the command with an experienced ease. Once they were kneeling, Darci retrieved the two water bottles from the belt bag and gave each pet a couple squirts of water in their muzzle from a bottle.

Darci slipped the bottles back in the holders, then spoke again. "Back on your hooves pets." Her companions carefully shifted their weight, moving from the settled pose back to a standing posture. Darci stepped forward between them, then gave a click of the tongue as she started to move forward. The two pony-foxen started moving a moment later, keeping up with the pace their leader was setting.

As the trio moved down the path, they were passed in the opposite direction by various joggers and bicyclists. When a cyclist came up behind them, Darci shifted slightly towards the side of the path, her pets following her lead to give the cyclist a place to pass. As could be expected, the passage of the group elicited numerous reactions, mostly ranging from lust to surprise. A few people gave them disapproving looks, but the vast majority were impressed with how the pair of pony-foxen looked.

Beyond the occasional dirty look, the jog ended up being fairly uneventful. On a few occasions, Darci nodded to a passer-by whom they knew. On a couple others, Nicky blushed as she passed a classmate. The distant skyline grew closer and closer as the trio played leapfrog with a couple cyclists who seemed to be more interested in watching the trio than watching where they were going. After one close call, Darci gave the cyclist a hard stare and gestured down the path in a flicking motion with a couple of her fingers. The rider got the point and continued on his way as they didn't see him again.

After several more quick breaks and hours on the path, the trio were moving among the afternoon shadows of the downtown skyscrapers. The pace moved from a steady canter back to a brisk trot as the lead vixen mentally noted the names and numbers of the streets the path passed under. Finally, they reached a familiar street and took the ramp off of the path to street level, dropping slowing to a walk as they did so.

Darci guided the group a couple blocks on surface streets, before approaching the parking garage associated with a condominium complex. The trio paused in front of the pedestrian door, then the lead vixen spoke. "Do you have you keycard handy pet?" The response from the todd was a single stomp before he turned and half-crouched, brushing the backpack against the reader by the door. A moment later, the reader beeped and the door clicked.

Darci reached out and grasped the handle of the door, pulling it open for the other two vulpines. Nicky extended a hoof to catch the door as Darci entered, followed by Rocko. As they entered, the screen next to one of the elevators lit up with the number 19. A minute later, the door slid open after the car arrived. Darci gave a single click of the tongue and lead the trio into the elevator. A few seconds later, the door slid closed and a beep was heard from the control panel of the elevator. Rocko shifted positions and bumped his backpack against the badge reader by the door. The control panel beeped again, and the elevator started moving upward.

As the elevator car moved upwards, Darci carefully stepped around Nicky so that she could lead the other two out of the elevator. A few seconds after finishing the maneuver, the elevator dinged, and the door opened. The trio stepped out of the elevator into a tile floored mud room. Both Darci and Rocko glanced at the coat hooks on the wall, the todd giving a snort as he saw an umbrella hanging from a hook. Darci gave a bob of the head and called out as she opened the inner door. "Good afternoon Olivia. I decided to jog back to your house with Rocko after our lunch."

The lead vixen gave a click of the tongue and lead the trio through the doorway. As they entered the hallway, a stunning lioness clad in a provocative dress stepped out of another door further down. Darci gave two quick clicks of the tongue and stopped before giving a quick bow to the lioness. The lioness gave a measured bob of the head in return and padded over to the blushing todd, giving him a hug. She then spoke. "How was the jog? I see you decided to spice things up as usual."

Darci responded. "It went well. We had the usual number of gawkers, but I didn't have to wipe any memories."

"Always a good thing. I assume that you would like to borrow the shower before heading home?"

"We would. Did you have a chance to eat while you were out and about? Rocko brought some leftovers home as promised."

"I did, but they will probably make a good lunch tomorrow. Is he on restriction?"

Darci gave a shake of the head. "Not really. He was a touch cheeky, but not enough to deserve punishment." The todd started to breath a mental sigh of relief but it was cut short as Darci continued speaking. "Make certain I give you his key before I go so you can play with him when you want. I would prefer that he remain secure at other times, but the choice is yours."

"I will take that under advisement. Despite your assertions that I would make a good Domme, I still don't see myself as one."

Rocko closed his eyes for a moment and snorted. Darci chuckled at the reaction. "I suppose my pets would like to get out of their tack. May we have leave to do so?"

"You may. You know where the bathroom is."

Darci nodded and gave a click of the tongue, leading her pets forward. They moved down the hall and turned into another doorway, ending up in a spacious bathroom. After closing the door, Darci unlocked and removed both muzzles. She then proceeded to help Rocko out of all of his equipment except the chastity belt and collar. While he made use of the shower, Darci repeated the untacking process on her daughter, removing everything but the chastity devices and collar.

Rocko finished with his shower a couple minutes later. As Nicky took her turn in the shower, Darci dismissed Rocko to get dressed and put the food in the refrigerator. She then started to pack the tack up in the backpack the todd had been wearing. She finished the packing about the same time as Nicky finished her shower. While the older vixen showered, the younger vixen began packing up her tack along with the towel she had used for drying off. Once Darci finished her shower, she changed back into the clothing she had been wearing before the outing and packed up the remaining supplies in the backpack that Rocko had left in the bathroom.

After taking a final glance around the bathroom, the older vixen padded back into the hallway, taking a glance for the rest of the group. She found Rocko and Olivia snuggling on the couch, while Nicky was seated in an armchair, pack on her back. The lioness was the first to speak. "Feeling refreshed?"

Darci nodded. "I am. Thank you again for allowing me and my daughter to clean up."

Olivia smiled. "You're welcome. Final weekend before the trip, and I knew you three wanted to spend a bit of time together."

Another nod from the vixen as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. She spoke as she padded over to the lioness. "We did. I don't think our schedules will mesh well for a little while, so this was as good a time as any. Here's the key for Rocko's belt. I assume you got everything you needed while shopping?"

Olivia accepted the key from Darci and responded. "I did. Amazing how there's always something that you need to chase down at the last minute."

Nicky had an amused chuckle at the line. "Tell me about it. Speaking of last minute, I think we probably should get going if we want to catch the next bus."

Darci glanced at the time and nodded. "Indeed. With your leave?"

Olivia responded with a nod. "Travel safely. I'm certain Rocko will tell you all about it when we get back."

The todd chuckled. "I certainly will."

Darci padded over to the couple seated on the couch and gave both a hug. Nicky stood up and exchanged hugs as well. The two vixens then padded out to the mud room. Darci pressed the 'Lobby' button on the display. A minute later the elevator car arrived and the duo entered, starting their trip home.
Summer Break
Another story involving Nicky and her family. This time, it's a family workout. This story was started in response to a story contest that ruaidri had on FurAffinity, but wasn't finished in time.


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StudentOfRubber Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you kindly for the watch!
Amalia-Illios Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for all the favourites you picked from my gallery and of course for adding me to your watch list -- I really appreciate it! :squee:
Saskia4art Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for Llama .. =P (Razz) 
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