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:Shipping Meme: Fairy Tail



*((All of my Ships are in Love))

//If ya are confused//

Bullet; Red  Love, Ship So Hard:
    Natsu x Lucy (OTP Fangirl Flailing Emote)
    Loki/Leo x Aries (Celestial Spirit OTP )
    Gray x Juvia
    Zeref x Mavis
    Cobra x Kinana 
    Gajeel x Levy
    Alzack x Bisca
    Happy x 
    Lyon x Sherry
    Jellal x Erza
    Elfman x Evergreen
    Scorpio x Aquarius

Bullet; Purple  Like Very Much:
    Gray x Erza

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!  Ok...:
    Laxus x Mirajane
    Laxus x Fried
    Fried x Mirajane
yon x Juvia
    Bickslow x Lisanna
Bullet; Green  Dislike:
    Gray x Lucy
    Natsu x Erza
    Natsu x Gray 
    Natsu x Virgo (:wat: )
    Loki/Leo x Lucy
Bullet; Black  Hate:
    Natus x Lisanna (MA GOSH BITCH GET A CLUE, HE DON'T WANT YOU'RE DUMB-ASS!!! :angry:  Kermit And His Favorite Drink )

I respect all of you guys opinions, ONLY if you respect mine! :D (Big Grin) 

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