Pixel Challenge Week 43

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Hello and welcome to our 43rd week!

Don't forget about our rules here.
Please make sure you also link this challenge article in your note so that we can double check that you have read through the rules.

Clock Dates

Start: 5th October 
End: 10th October
Winners announcement: 11th October
Voting until 17th October


Please read through our rules carefully or your entry may be disqualified.

Bullet; Red Your entry must be new and created for this challenge. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.
Bullet; Red  Your entry must abide by DeviantArt's Terms of Service and Policies
Bullet; Red  All entries must be drawn in Pixels
Bullet; Red  One entry per participant
Bullet; Red  Pixel entry sizes should be 300x300 or smaller.

 Important: Make sure you link to our current week's journal in the deviation's description so that we know you've read and understood the rules!

Theme of this week: Celebration!  

Party Time! Let's celebrate! So, what do we need? Prizes, champagne, flowers, gifts boxes, fun, smiles, cakes, everything! :D (Big Grin) We are celebrating our First Anniversary - One year with Pixel Challenges! We are cute but little group with amazing participants! And I'm glad that I can motivate deviants to create Art! Pixel Art Heart So, as usual, I'm opening the week with a weekly challenge Star! 

Failed idea Inspirations:

Pixel HBD (Click for full) by KyouKaraa Ichigo by staticwind Birthdays Contest - Entry by LuckyBambooPhotos Pixel Vignette: Girls Day FTW by hitogata Legolas DS wishes you happy birthday! by SmilingOfTheHealer White Day by EdanadE
Birthday Girl by Little-Miss-RiikoRed La Rama by Gurinn dA Birthday Decor Pack by Gasara Happy L Day by Laiyee<da:thumb id="344788900"/>

:painter: Tutorials for this week:

Pastry by JuicyZone Tutorial 1- The Color Wheel by CourtneysConcepts Pixel Basics by RHLPixels Tutorial: How to draw Jewels by oni1ink Tutorial: How to draw Trophies by oni1ink<da:thumb id="186185868"/> Pixel Sparkle Tutorial by CrystalSugarStars

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYouPixelcommunity and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Your entries for week 43 can be added here or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to right folder, thanks.

Star! Prizes!

One most voted entry:
:bademoticon: Cake Badge 

1st place: 1-month PM
2nd place: 250 Points
3rd place: 100 Points
Honorable mention: 50 Points
and 50 Points to each winner of this week from PixelChallenges



:bademoticon: Group News:

Check out our ongoing monthly contest here!

Check our last Donors feature here: Good Souls feature (August)
Share some love to our past week participants here 

Have fun and Happy Birthday, PixelChallenges

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Celebrate by Amarantheans

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Just joined this group, so to enter we just submit our entry and post it here? Super excited to be part of this group!!! <33