Pixel Challenge Week 19

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Thank you for participating Pixel Challenge Week 18. Share some love here.


Start: March 2nd
End: March 7th
Winners announcement: March 8th 


Please read through our rules carefully or your entry may be disqualified.
  • :bulletred: Your entry must be new and created for this challenge. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.
  • :bulletred: Your entry must abide by deviantART's Terms of Service and Policies
  • :bulletred: All entries must be drawn in Pixels
  • :bulletred: One entry per participant
  • :bulletred: Pixel entry sizes should be 300x300 or smaller.
More Rules: Rules and FAQ

Please make sure you are also linking this challenge article in your note as safety that you read through the rules.
You can submit your entry here.


Theme of this week is Pixel Hair! 


<da:thumb id="477618772"/> Pixel Miwa by marmolotus-chz C: Luna pixel by Hyanna-Natsu pixel chibi: washa looking at.. by Bunpeito
pixel art: urara -tsuritama- by Suikka<da:thumb id="205546787"/> Pixel Girls by whitty-boo Misora Pixel by Getanimated Pixel Polonaise by Chikukko Twiggx Pixel Portrait by Dolaria


Hair tutorial 01 by mariiiis-dolls Sexy Hair Pixel Tutorial by billkaulitzluvergirl Pixel Shading Hair Tutorial by GioFD Pixel Fur tutorial by faustbane Pixel Hair Step by Step by Sueweetie How to Color Hair - Pixel Doll by LahEh Pixel Curly Hair Tutorial by Petalwhisker Pixel Hair Tutorial by Rythea Pixel Hair Tutorial V:II by xMina-chan Tutorial: Hair by Rami-crazyfox make it floofy. .::a hair tutorial::. by valokilljoy
New Hair Tutorial by alamodepixels Pixelling Character Walkthrough by twin-tail Hair Step by Step by bunnystick<da:thumb id="464836727"/> Pixel Hair Tutorial by unlikely-kisses


1st place: 1-month PM
2nd place: 250 Points
3rd place: 100 Points
Honorable mention: 50 Points
and 50 Points to each winner of this week from PixelChallenges



So what are you waiting for? Go and create! #1

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thanks for the mention >w< im extremely flattered <3
im sorry i couldnt seethis earlier D: