Pixel Challenge Week 12 (Anime and Manga Related)

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Anime And Manga

Hello and welcome to Pixel Challenge!  This is third Pixel Challenge with projecteducate and first Manga&Anime related! Also this is week 12 in PixelChallenges! :star: 

Info about week11 is here: Pixel Challenge Week 11 / Pixel Challenge week 11 winners

Please share some love to our past week participants: here.


The contest starts on December 29th and goes through January 3rdWinners will be announced on January 4th. 


Bullet; Red Your entry must be new and created for this challenge. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.
Bullet; Red  Your entry must abide by DeviantArt's Terms of Service and Policies
Bullet; Red  All entries must be drawn in Pixels
Bullet; Red  One entry per participant
Bullet; Red  Pixel entry sizes should be 300x300 or smaller.
Bullet; Red We also accept Fan Art! 
Bullet; Red If you'll make another deviant's OC/EC (Original/emoticon character) you HAVE TO link to original OC and creator! 

Star! Important: Link to this contest so that we know you've read and understood the rules!


Theme of this week - Chibis! You need to make a Pixel Chibi, it can be your Original character, it can be others OC, it can be Fan Art, it can be chibi from Anime, Manga, Film, Cartoon. Extra details (scene, sparkles, clouds, animation, etc.) are appreciated! 


AT - Nefaire by tokkisu DOLL-CE COM: Kumohanabi by hitogata Pixel - Dawn by lNeko-Hime<da:thumb id="376138391"/>


Pixel Chibi Process by akifei Pixel Chibi Avatar Tutorial by LittleKai Easy PIXEL-ART without experience TUTORIAL. by Kyuribin Pixelling Character Walkthrough by twin-tail How I draw in MS-Paint by zenia<da:thumb id="349074543"/> Pixel Base Walkthrough by twin-tail My Step to make pixel by PrinceOfRedroses Kai's Fat Pixel Chibi Tutorial by LittleKai Pixel Tutorial by Riukkii

Star! Also you can visit TutorialsForYouPixelcommunity and TutorialsClub and find more tutorials. 


1st place: 3 months PM + 200 :points: from PixelChallenges 
2nd place: 1 month PM + 100 :points: from PixelChallenges 
3rd place: 300 Points  + 75 :points: from PixelChallenges 
Honorable mention: 150 Points  + 50 :points: from PixelChallenges 



So what are you waiting for? Go and create! #1

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Ahh I dont think I'll finish my entry on time, will you still accept entries early Sunday morning? ;_;