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Okay, so this year has been freaky with the weather! The seasons have been wacky... but, I guess you live to love it, eh?
I mean Im more of a tropical guy saying I'm Hispanic... but, that has nothing to do withh it lol, but spiritualy love the winter (thanks koari)
  I'm wishing to have the best christmas (don't we all?) and to have a winter wonderland.... ugh brought back good memories (Yuki...Chris... I think you know what I'm talking about)but anyways... I'm going to try to make it the best christmas for friends, family, pets, pen-pals... whooo-ever! (that's if I know you well XD)
  I'm dying just to have a peaceful chat by the fire with friends enjoy movies, with popcorn, and hot chocolate. It'll happen with my bffs.. (I think you know who you are!)
well heres my christmas list (:

My christmas wish list
1. aqua blue dell inspirion 1545
2. a horsey blanket for belle
3. Oboe
4. Another horse to company Belle.. ha maybe later?
5. Clothes
6. My baby sister to arrive!
7. a new bracelet.. lost my favorite bracelet someone ):
annnnnnnd I don't know the rest.. I think XD

The Giver!
- gifts to friends and family
- share the momment of the special holiday with one another
- make someone happy.. special
We all need to get in the christmas mood... let's not be selfish, angery... enjoy what you have, not what someone has. Think of one another.. That's the true meaning of christmas

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Submitted on
November 19, 2009