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how am I gonna update my art with a fucked up computer?
This sucks a lot. Well somehow I got to try to get some up!
I have like tons of art waiting to be scanned, and uploaded on here BAHAHAHA
anyways, this summer is going by great!
Sasha might be having pups in september, I got ma new saddle that I love. Belle looks amazing in bright orange, saying I'm trying to stick with lime green -_-"
I'm pretty much planning on getting a mini... yes a mini :D
I can't wait, nor my mom doesn't care if I get one, that's the funny part :O
GR I'm trying to make this a long journal entry.. but it's not working
I want to start making animations too :D
and plushies, well that's it for now :D
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  • Watching: computer screen
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: just cleaning out you're mom
  • Drinking: G2 bitch
YukiShuiski Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't wait to see your new art! I bet you got a ton better as always :P Yay! The-little-whore is gonna have more puppies!!!! =D ( I say that with love :heart: ) I can't believe you're going to get a mini! And when you have your own horse too!! You ALWAYS get the good stuff!! I found this awesome site for animations btw you can take any pictures and get them animated without the little logo that's how I made my icon :)

Good luck with the plushie making too~

You suck at making LONG journals XP lol
Aric414 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
BAHAHAH I so can't wait if she does!
yeah, I told my mom it's gonna be at our house, and it's gonna be half jonny's horse. she's like "hell no" but I don't care, I'm getting it :P
I do hehe
link please... woow I write this just like my texts :O
HEYYYY! watch it missy!!!!!
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July 30, 2009