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Life Wolven $16 paypal only. Please buy it. xD
  • Watching: How High xD
  • Eating: Ramenramenramenramen!
Extra: Classic Wings  (For Life) - $30

Extra: Ferian Wolven - for life, tradeable in 6 days - $20

Extra: Silver Sponsorship, expires on 2010-10-19/19:21:00/Tue  (Like 8 months)   - $35

Extra: Ferian Panooki, expires on 2011-02-20/20:34:00/Sun - $5

Package Deals
Life Classics, SS and Panooki - $62!
Life Wolven, Classics and Panooki - $47
SS, Life Wolven and Panooki - $52

First buyer gets my extra Copper Dragonscale! lolol

Whisper Nisari

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  • Eating: Ramen
I really really really need money FAST so I'm selling all of my lifers for extremely cheap.

This is what I've got to offer:…

Life Wolven (x2) $10 Each   One isn't tradeable for 26 days, it is on my alt La La Land and I will give you the alt.

Life Catten - $15

Life Classic wings  - $25

Life Foxen - $10

I've also got a 10 month SS I'll sell for $25

I'll sell EVERYTHING ( Life wolf (x2), life catten, life classics, life foxen and 10 Month SS for $60

Please whisper Nisari or send me an IM on AIM (My username is Ariastrife8)

Please help me out, I need it badly.

I'm making a new portrait for myself and I need a space to upload it into.

I only charge $5. (Paypal, GD, OR a portrait space)

I will have a better example or fur shading once I finish my portrait.

Send me a note here or send Nisari an offline message on Furcadia.
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  • Playing: Furcadia
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Holy crap. You people write too many journals...

Some shitty premades --->…

Also. I keep getting asked if I will do more portraits.

The answer is: MAYBE

I'm only gonna do it if I FEEL LIKE IT. So don't fuckin' cry if I don't.
If I like the idea to your portrait, and it seems like it will be fun for me to do, then I probably will.

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  • Reading: The Long Walk
  • Playing: Furcadia
  • Eating: Chewing gum
  • Drinking: Peach somethin'
Closed for now because I got a job. I'm going to be working five days a week so not much time for portraits.  If you really really want one and don't mind waiting until I feel like doing them on the weekends you can email me.

  • Listening to: Bullet for my Valentine
  • Playing: Furcadia
  • Drinking: Orange Juice
The time has finally come!  Time for me to start makin monies wif my art skillz.

Hea R da specifics:

Price of Portrait $5 USD. (Remap ONLY)

Hah, guess I'll do sketches/lineart/colored drawings too! (Guess what until I get a tablet I color with crayons and really shitty colored pencils) ^-^ Ask me for price, I'm sure it'll be cheap!  I love drawing so I won't ask much for it!

I haven't even got a paypal account so don't ask!

You want me to make you a port but you don't know what you want? Gimme a break! I'll only work with specific details! You may ask for my opinion, but you'd better know what the hell you want. :)

This includes:
Character type (Furre, Human, Feral, Chibi)
Hair style (with or without highlights)
Facial Expression
Body Type

Please don't leave a comment here saying you want a portrait..I will probably never see it!

Contact Information:

Aol Instant Messanger: Ariastrife8
Furcadia Character: Nisari
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  • Watching: I want to see Spirit again!
  • Playing: Furcadia of course. :)
  • Eating: Usually the special at Mustangs
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During our vacation my sis, dad, some friends and I all went to Behling Apple Orchard in Mexico NY. Like the only apples I will eat are orchard apples. These apples were really good too! We're gonna make some apple pies Yummmeh. So yeah, yesterday was great, we picked apples, pet some cute goats and a baby cow ^.^  There was a miniature horse, and a couple ponies that little kids were getting rides on. We got little pictures painted on our faces, as you can see below I got the pumpkin with sparklies! xD We rode on a wagon pulled by horses (I videotaped the whole ride LOL) I bought a quart of apple cider for college. Damn that stuff is soo yummy. And to top the day off as we were going home there was a beautiful sunset. :D  We stopped the cars and took pics.  All in all, we just had a really great day.
  • Listening to: Angels on the Moon
  • Watching: I want to see Spirit again!
  • Playing: Furcadia of course. :)
  • Eating: Its Monday night! Steak night!
  • Drinking: Apple Cider <3
Trying to figure out whats going on here... *scratches head :/*  Couple of weeks ago was happy as I could was great, I was making friends...guess I shoulda saw this comming.  Nothing can be too good for too long.

Some probable causes:
Roommates (Not just one but TWO)
Room location (*basketball bounces off dorm window* "HOLY SHIT!")
Professors (What did she just say..??)
Lack of teh $$ (I was only a few dollars off...ahh fuck the book)
Lack of sleep (3 hours?? *falls asleep in Agricultural Science)
Lack of space (My bed is my desk more than it is my bed :D )
Illness (Probably caused by lack of sleep "Oww my throat ;_; )

Lack of sleep (Yeah its an effect too.)
Seeing/hearing/dreaming odd things (OMG a foot!?)
Avoiding people (Leave meh alone. D: )
Pushing away friends ("Hey whats up?" "I'm busy go away")
Failure to deal with daily problems (The washing machine isn't working, I didn't want squid EW!, I said chocolate chip cookie, not mint chocolate shake...*cries*

I know what you're thinking... "Didn't you already have all these problems before?"  Well yes I did, they let me be for a while and now they've come back to play.  I guess this proves that I can't escape and what I had been hoping for was really just a dream after all.

Life sucks, but I'm still trying to find my way.
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Today was the happiest day of my liiife! I was so excited I nearly puked. xD I finally moved out and discovered I never needed any of you assholes, ya'll just made my life worse. :) Some people say you don't know how good you have it until you've been in someone else's shoes...well that works the other way too. Btw everyone sorry commish are closed for so long. >.< After I get a mouse I'll start right away. :D I pwomis. And sorry Albert that I'm taking so long LOL. WILL BE OPEN SOON KBYEZ Okies, gotta go now to play Rock Band with my buddies and annoy Jess and Kate. <3<3<3
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I sit on my bed, my safe place, my haven.

Staring at the clouds outside of my half-open window, feeling the warm, summer breeze, flowing in.

An airplane goes by, a big one.

I know there are lots of seats on that plane.

Surely there must be room for one more.

Come take me, I think to it.


Come take me,</b> I demand.

Nothing again.


I send an aimless kick out of frustration.  My knee hits the windowsill.


..a few seconds later

Footsteps moving across the living room floor.

In my head.

Too loud you idiot!
Too loud you idiot!

Her footsteps start up the stairs.  Loud, heavy footsteps.

I gasp for air...had I been holding my breath?

Dunno why I wrote this, honestly never thought I would try writing. Theres more, I just didn't know if I should bother adding it or not. I don't know how to use bold, underline etc. on dA and that kinda ruins it.
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I haven't been able to get on dA to upload my art for about a month, probably more, so I just added all of my art work and yeah theres a ton of it.  It took me a long fucking time to scan all of it and put it on here.
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The rules of this tag are -
If you get tagged:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them that they're tagged.

Gee thanks for the tag :iconblackcatrayne666:.

It didn't say they HAD to be interesting.

1. I hate you.
2. I hate rap.
3. I hate sea food.
4. I hate poetry.
5. I hate being touched.
6. I hate fast food.
7. I hate religion.
8. I hate your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I've tagged...
:iconblackcatrayne666: :iconhikariravenfeather05: :iconschneepy: :iconpariyu: :iconneostitch:
Yeah today I added 10 new pictures o_o...I finally filled a page! xD So happy... ;_;
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I'm not feeling very well lately so I might not reply to any comments..and if I do I may be snappy so I'm apologizing ahead of time.. Sorry
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