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Fun Facts With Northwind ll Cat Aging

By AriaSnow
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Northwind of TornadoClan teaches everybody about Cat Years and how fast cats age. :D But I'll repeat something from my buddy here.

If you aren't sure how to age your warrior cat in their age system, use your 12 Times Table. Why? simple, there are 12 months in a year. So for example 12 x 2 = 24, so my example cat would be 24 Moons.

Do you like having "Fun Facts" with Northwind? if so comment below on your thoughts and if you'd like to another character TSC character. :D Merry Christmas~!
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hehehe I am very confused of what mathematics shown on this..But I really like your work..
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Simple, 12X Table. A moon equals 1 month and there are 12 months in a year so say my cat is 2 years old and I want to get the moons/months for that cat I would go 12 X Cat's age to get their age in moons. So my cat is 2 years old, he would be 24 moons old.
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Oh, so I'm 1 year oldin cat age. Kewl
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Would you mind if I put this in my own group to help others understand these facts? :D
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I was told 1 year (12 moons)= 7 years in human
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Firstly, Happy New Year Inferno and I hope you're doing great. Secondly, not quite true and it does varies from where you get your sources. lol
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..or was that bluestar
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My granny's cat lived 16 years old and maybe had lived longer she was put down because she had to give birth kittens but she shouldn't do it and then they decided to put her down. :c
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It's beautiful :dummy: I will never get confused again~ (maybe :dummy: )
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Just remember it involves math. Just do the year you want(the one in dark blue) and times it by 12. You'll get your Warrior Cats age. :D
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Thanks. This should help a lot. The info about the chart below also gives a way to age your cat the warrior's way. You can look on here to see how old your characters are too.
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yush. very helpful
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That's me~! Helpful person~! X3
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yesh u are .w.
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Thanks, I figured this would be a fun way to show people.
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Yep, this should clear a lot of stuff up. Not to mention, help a lot when making kitties. :D
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Yesh it is >w>
The moons thing always got me confused @ w @
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I was at first too, until I figured out there was math involved... 
1 moon = 1 month
4 Seasons = 1 year

But now people like you can see just how old your cats are.
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