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So uh...I'm opening my very first commission. Here's the guidelines of what I'm doing and everything else, please check it first :  Commision Info by AriaPrime

I'm opening three slots first. Send me notes if you want to commission me. And since this is my very first commission, I'm not accepting group shot yet, and I will be giving discounts. I'm accepting PayPal only. 


Gah, this is rather awkward. 

If you read this, you have my greatest thank you. 
Being in final year in college is refreshing and full of suffering at the same time. Of course, being in final year meaning you're one step away from graduating, getting a degree, and soon be able to get a job, manage finances, basically doing all the adult stuff. What it takes now is a final project, and that's what I'll be doing until July. 

The suffering part is just exaggeration really, because the final project is something that I have fun doing. I initially wanted to make a 3D animation film, then later I switched to comic. Strange that in 3D animation I refuse to do anything with human, I usually work with humanised animal, but never a human. As for drawing, yeah, anything is alright for me as long as it's semi-realistic or manga style. 

I've been drawing since elementary school, so the drawing part would be a breeze for me. The hard stuff is creating the concept, which is what I've been mulling over for the past 3 months. Thankfully now I get the hang of it, and soon I will be able to make the draft. When the final assignment is over, I'll be sure to share the comic here. 

I think that's all for now, since I'm writing this in library (when I'm supposed to work on the papers). 
New to this place, haven't been drawing for a while. Right now my interest lies in Pokemon who knows about the future.