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Sootballs and Konpeito by AriannaTheKeybearer Sootballs and Konpeito :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 5 3 Onigiri by AriannaTheKeybearer Onigiri :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 7 2 Mage Me WIP by AriannaTheKeybearer Mage Me WIP :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 5 10 Sheikah Armlet by AriannaTheKeybearer Sheikah Armlet :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 4 0 Pikachu Pokeball without face by AriannaTheKeybearer Pikachu Pokeball without face :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 3 0 Pikachu Pokeball by AriannaTheKeybearer Pikachu Pokeball :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 4 2 Undertale Mercy VS Fight WIP by AriannaTheKeybearer Undertale Mercy VS Fight WIP :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 4 0 Humanized Sans Sketch by AriannaTheKeybearer Humanized Sans Sketch :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 5 3 Madoka Sketch Lineart Practice by AriannaTheKeybearer Madoka Sketch Lineart Practice :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 11 4
Contradiction- Chapter 1 (Revised)
Kadaj floats in the lifestream, unaware of where he is until he hears distant voices, sounds of angry voices filled with hatred causing it to pulse with tremendous negative power and feelings of rage. The waves hit his metaphysical skin and causes him to stir, his cat-slit eyes slowly opening. One of the voices he hears was a familiar, beautiful voice of a positive and caring presence, who was trying to defend his presence in the lifestream.  Lots of the adults have a harsh vibration of anger, as well as bitterness, some of the male adults having wives filled with vibrations of sadness and uncertainty. Many of the angry adults are pushing and shoving, trying to fight to get to his form, although he himself can't recall who he was and why he’s here. The loud voices, accompanied by the eerie quietness of children clinging to their parents and caretakers in the seemingly indistinguishable space of the lifestream, was overwhelming. He could feel his Mother’s uneasiness and
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 0 0
Mature content
Giegue's Descent Part 1 :iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 1 0
Fall of Hyrule Part 1
The months following his departure were filled with dread. All who occupied Hyrule, having celebrated peace for once in so long, have felt the happiness ebb away, fear and worry replacing it. There was someone who's fear seemed to be boundless, and that person was Zelda. 
She feared every day that something would happen, that the seal would break, somehow convinced that the seal wasn't enough to contain Ganondorf and that it would fail, despite the desire that all of Hyrule truly wanted peace… But the seal didn't fail, and peace reigned for many years underneath Zelda's rule, the people slowly immersing and conditioning themselves into this peace. Soon, even she was conditioned, after 10 long years of no eventful changes...
She passed on into the spirits realm with this feeling of peace, all of her children carrying on her burden. The eldest ruled the country with a gentle hand and watchful eyes, heeding the warning Zelda had given at her death that in the distant future...
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 1 0
Meadow, Minefield, Marina
A long time ago
My mind was a meadow;
Soft textured petals of beautiful flowers,
Long grass and cattails waving in the wind
The babbling and drip-drops of a creek
Underneath the gentle sun beams.
A scape filled with color, comfort, solace and safety
In the day, noon and night, a bed of grass to sleep
But as the night approached, a sinister dark crawled in
The sky turning red as malevolent shadows walked
A monster of brutish strength smashed the meadows
The shadows stole life from the flowers and cattails,
Stole the water from the creek till it was dry
All life was stolen from my mind, and soon from me
The brute turned into a man with a coy smile
Binding chains around my wrists and ankles
Leaving me barely clothed and subject to his advances
I was a prisoner in my own mind, with nowhere safe to run
My meadow became a war zone, a minefield
And nary a single reason was found as to why this happened
I tried to run, I used my cunning to free myself from the cuffs
I ran into the dried fields
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 2 0
Giegue's Descent (old)
I felt the consciousness detach from my body as the melody Maria’s great grandson and his cohorts echoed through my mind, rattling every tiny crevice and endless cave that my power housed, causing it to become irregular and unstable. I try to hold onto my sanity, in fear of what I have done, immediately regretting the orders of my people, following their orders to forget the one who had raised me… It has caused the undoing of my own mind…
I feel my body being lifted away, the alien tongue of my kind, the sense of spacial warping upon my skin indicated a period of time travel. Hearing the sound of whirring tools and the sizzling of plasma energy, I couldn’t distinguish the time or place. I felt my mind trying to pull itself apart, trying to hold it together made it shake more violently. I felt pieces dropping away, but the sound of the melody stuck like a tumor..
“H-help… Please… Anyone… H-help me… Forget…”
They couldn
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 3 0
Untitled Hate Crime Awareness Poem
Don't let the death of a innocent fall prey
To the busy news of every day
All the feelings you would have if you
Had to bury your own child too
The issue matters if our kin
Are shot and killed for the color of their skin
Or for who they love and who they hold dear
Who become victims to suicide in half a year
Every young soul lost is a weight we bear
For choosing to not address the issue there
There are ways to prevent the continued loss
Keep their souls from having to cross
Unwillingly to the other side
Family's having to face that their sons or daughters have died
They weren't able to grow up, live their lives with peace of mind
A life's string cut short by the hatred of mankind
End the hatred we must with our own hands
We must be the figure to show other lands
That the way we are walking is not the way to go
Love and tolerance is what we should come to know
Reach out to those who have been victims to hate
Ease their hearts which have become so irate
It is the way of peace and love we
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 1 5
Untitled LGBT Poem
Don't say that it doesn't exist
When its plain right in front of your eyes
Don't say that our love is any less than yours
Just because it's two girls or guys
All the love and happiness in the world
We deserve it too
The proposals, the weddings, the dresses and suits
Ideas that don't belong to your religion or you
Everyone deserves the right to proclaim
They have found the person they love, all love is the same
The ceremonies and parties belong to all couples
The happiness of others is not yours to claim
We deserve to kiss and caress the same as you do
Two girls and two guys doesn't make it perverse
But what is the problem here?
The fact you make it appear worse
No one bats an eye as heteros kiss
Show their happiness and comfort
As they reminisce
But when two girls show their love
Or maybe two guys
They watch in horror
And begin spouting their lies
They point and curse under their breath
But hold on a moment, is there a difference?
No, so why in other countries
Are we being put to death
:iconariannathekeybearer:AriannaTheKeybearer 8 5


Nap by SMeadows Nap :iconsmeadows:SMeadows 153 4 Artstation Feudal Japan Challenge Entry - Tengoku by Mr--Einikis Artstation Feudal Japan Challenge Entry - Tengoku :iconmr--einikis:Mr--Einikis 912 8 Fierce Link by PocketLocketX Fierce Link :iconpocketlocketx:PocketLocketX 56 2 Zutara sketch commission by nymre Zutara sketch commission :iconnymre:nymre 48 2 Aang and Momo by shahuskies Aang and Momo :iconshahuskies:shahuskies 25 5 Cherubi - Simple by shiroandfubuki Cherubi - Simple :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 150 56 FMA: Determination by shiroandfubuki FMA: Determination :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 69 28 U S O by shiroandfubuki U S O :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 87 51 Kumatora by shiroandfubuki Kumatora :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 130 53 This Child by shiroandfubuki This Child :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 36 36 Like Flowers by shiroandfubuki Like Flowers :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 59 21 Earth Mother by shiroandfubuki Earth Mother :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 102 70 She Was Like a Sunflower by shiroandfubuki She Was Like a Sunflower :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 127 61 A Letter to You by shiroandfubuki A Letter to You :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 236 63 A Construct of Nature by shiroandfubuki A Construct of Nature :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 313 105 Remembering Tazmily by shiroandfubuki Remembering Tazmily :iconshiroandfubuki:shiroandfubuki 288 76



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Ravenclaw House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud
Proud Member of the Ravenclaw House
(Though I know squat about HP...)

Sookie Zodiac Aquarius 1 by sookiesooker

Astrology Series - Aquarius by feiyan

'lo 'lo dA! My name is AriannaTheKeybearer, or what I named myself when I first made this account, was a KH noob back then so bear with me. ^^;

My friends call me Ari, Cassie, and some call me Mina from a room called UltimateRPx please do check it out, its a boatload of fun. ^.^

Now where to start... My favorite video games are from many genres, although I'm very central towards nintendo, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, stuff like that, and even lesser known things like Earthbound/Mother 3. My second source is from Square Enix, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. ATLUS is my third, with series like Trauma Center, Persona and Catherine, I'm a sucker for them all. ^.^

I also am a really big anime fan, I draw a lot of emotion from the ones I like, Ouran Host Club, No. 6, Sailor Moon, a bit of Pokemon, Soul Eater, and I dabble a lot in my friends favorites.

I also like seeing movie fanart like Back to the Future, or cartoons like Avatar the Last Airbender.

I'm also a bit of a poet and a writer, although I think others can take ideas and do a lot better, its a venting mechanism and I want to share.

Icon by Mizzi-Cat
Aquarius sign by sookiesooker

CRITICAL NOTE: I don't really care for llamas, right now I'm looking for any way to better my art, right now I'm hoping to better my coloring so if there is any demonstrations or instructions you can give me, I'll appreciate it greatly. The main point of this is that I DO NOT CARE FOR LLAMAS.
Hey, I just want to let all my friends know I'm going to Kitsune Kon again this year, and Quinton Flynn is gonna be there! But I can't find a place where I can buy a good quality fanart print because of the grey area Fanart exists in..

I'm not sure if I'd be able to commission someone for them to finish the art and send it to my house before the con, but if anyone can help in this endeavor, I'd appreciate it..

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