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Mulgore Acorns by Ariannasaurus Mulgore Acorns by Ariannasaurus
This design was created together with my patron Ashpah (Ashpah_ on twitter) after a Patreon-exclusive giveaway for a custom acorn! It has a funny story, this one. Kadoodles on twitter was the original giveaway winner, but she willingly passed the prize to Ash. We were both so touched by her kindness, we agreed that she should still be rewarded anyway. :D So, this time, I decided to create and send not only one but two free acorns, and Ash decided, together with another patron, Tamer_Necia on twitter, on a theme with Doodles in mind. She likes Tauren a lot, so the Mulgore Acorns were born.

Since Mulgore and Thunder Bluff barely have any trees, it'd be hard to create an acorn design naturally resembling the zone in question, so me and Ash agreed on adding a few elements of Tauren culture instead. The mini feathers are natural hen feathers from an Eco-Farm in the US and the tribal pattern was 100% hand painted and inspired by traditional Tauren totems found throughout the game.

This design will also be coming soon to my Etsy,

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March 9, 2017
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