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And the bear-wolf jumped over the sun - Exploring

Steel and his squirrel friend, Zafi, were off again to go explore and investigate the world and its secrets that they were yet to be known and they had both had alot of sleep so they could get up at the right time to explore for hours on end.Zafi always had a hard time catching up with the large tokota as well as trying not to get squashed at the same time which was never really that easy when you could only make tiny squeaks that were barely heard under a huge paw.However, today Zafi was on-top of Steel, holding tight on the large tufts of fur on his mane as the tokota picked up its pace until he was slow running.They both had thought that was a better way of doing their adventures and sometimes hunting -just to ensure the safety of poor Zafi- but Steel would often grunt and shake his mane, along with Zafi which made the squirrel infuriated but he had no other option.The two of them didn't have a plan, they just wished to explore aimlessly and find something beautiful, interesting or even deadly.Steel had wished to jump over the moon or the sun and a river once at the same time but he had forgotten until he started his adventures again but thought it was impossible and only birds could.As they trotted along, they found a dark deep cave but they decided to give it a skip because last time they went into a cave, they thought they were save until a prehistoric monster came running after them and licking them in slobber for some stupid reason that they couldn't get their head around and they had to have many many baths until it was probably a record to get the stink off of them.Zafi imagined the monster in the cave from before and shivered before rolling back into the tokota's fur where it was safe to him.It wasn't easy to be a squirrel in such a world where humongous paw-zillas could attack him.However, his huge bear-wolf would keep him safe.Hopefully.They were tempted to just go hunting and ignore the rest of their adventure because not only would it be easier, it would be quicker and then they could both go sleep again.Although the tempting offer lured them to hunting, they snapped out of it and kept walking but much slower than before due to the fact of Steel's increasing hunger since the fact he actually turned down the offer to eat which was rather unusual for him.His heart almost skipped a beat as he saw a river and the sunset sun right over it.This was his chance to let that 'myth' become true to him so he ran so quickly, Zafi was shocked at the speed of him that had never been seen before and held on immediately as his fur almost felt like it was getting blown away.When they arrived at the river, Steel backed up a bit before standing there for a minute.He was making sure Zafi was holding on before he ran and leapt over the river and logically over the moon to the other viewers who were watching which was only probably the fish and birds.His handler enjoyed it as much as his larger friend did and probably even more because for him, it was like a rollercoaster and he didn't even feel ill as they went over the river.A few fish urgently swam away, thinking that they would drop down into the water ungracefully but as they were jumping, everything went quiet except for the fish swimming away with urgency.Even the bird's songs lowered down their volume as they jumped.It was very graceful as they landed on the other side and the world stayed quiet as the two sat down for a bit because it was a huge step to do that and not fall into the depth beneath them and probably sink.They would soon end their exploring adventure because that made them quite tired for a strange reason they could not answer without thinking so hard that their heads hurt badly.Both of them had something to boast about now to everyone and anyone and probably get admired, to Steel's mind anyway.Zafi just thought of it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for himself and the tokota since he didn't know if it had been attempted before and if it had, had they been successful or ...not?Everything else was boring after that extraordinary leap and the birds started chirping quietly again up in their foliage in the trees, away from what seemed like crazy animals down below.Finally, after what seemed like ages, They both got up and continued but went another way, past the river and back the way they came to go home for that was enough for today and if there was anything else to discover or explore, it would have to wait for they were exhausted and far from restless like when they started the adventure.The exploring only lasted an hour but when they were close back to their home, they were close to falling asleep.Some animals were still up and restless running around crazily past them into trees and grass.Even though they were almost there, they decided to slump down on the floor for a rest and a drink of water because they were quite dehydrated and tired and probably the best option would be to have a rest and not continue till they felt a bit better but then they had to try not to fall asleep which was extremely hard.Once they got up, they were ready to go and made sure they were okay before trotting off into the distance towards their destination, where they could really rest and sleep and be away from all the hurrying animals who wanted to get to their own homes.
Import sheet: Steel 2587
Hunting/fishing and exploring journal: Hunting/fishing/exploring log
Items or companions: N/A

Fullbody - colored, shaded, with complex background - 5hp
For every 200 words - 5hp (1000 words)
Depiction of handler - 2hp
Exploration picture - 2hp
altogether = 14hp

I am actually very very proud with this.The sky took an hour with like 20+ colours/shades xD.Everything else took an hour probably (with numerous interruptions xD), including the writing C:

(EDIT) 29hp left I think xD?

For Nojjesz 

Art - me
Steel 2587 - Nojjesz 
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Fantastic! I feel like I am actually there!
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Thank you!
I hoped I would get that atmosphere.
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Woooooooow, the colours here are absolutely stunning and that pose....! I am speachless! This is beautiful! And the writing with all those tiny details makes it so alive! Thank you for an other amazing piece! :heart: :hug:
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Thank you!
Personally, this is my favourite drawing of tokotas and maybe out of all my drawings so far.
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Well it is an excellent piece, so I can totally understand it! :D
But I did like all the others too, but the colours here are just sooo magical!