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Cartoon me by arianajh8 Cartoon me :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 3 0 Lucien Bloodmarch (Colored) by arianajh8 Lucien Bloodmarch (Colored) :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 2 0 Lucien Bloodmarch  by arianajh8 Lucien Bloodmarch :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 5 0
Just Lay With Me.. (Hanzo X Reader)
You laid comfortably under a nice shady tree and closed your eyes. Smiling as you remembered the text you just sent.
'HANZO!! ITS AN EMERGENCY!! Meet me by the tree!!' You hoped Hanzo would fall for it...
Hanzo looked down at his phone and twitched his eye. He knew this could be a trick to get him to do nothing with you.... or you could be seriously injured or worse!!
"Are you alright brother? You look distraught." His younger brother, Genji asked as they meditated. Hanzo sighed shaking his head.
"It's (Y/N) she send me a text."
"Let me read it." Genji said now curious. Hanzo passed him him phone and looked at the floor.
"Oh... this is a predicament. Are you gonna go?" Genji asked passing the phone back. Hanzo looked at his phone frowning.
"I am not sure. This could be her wanting me to goof off." His phone buzzed again.
'Please come. I'm not dying or anything... I just miss you and want to enjoy the sun with you. Please?' Hanzo sighed before standing up.
"Are you going?" Genji asked.
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 24 7
Bertholdt Hoover (AOTJH) by arianajh8 Bertholdt Hoover (AOTJH) :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 1 0 3 Days by arianajh8 3 Days :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 1 2 Genji's Sword  by arianajh8 Genji's Sword :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 0 0 My OverWatch OC ELE-Tra by arianajh8 My OverWatch OC ELE-Tra :iconarianajh8:arianajh8 2 0
(Lucio X Reader) Father troubles.
"Come on Lúcio! He's not that bad!" The young (H/C) girl said hugging her Brazilian boyfriend. Lúcio was very nervous at the thought of meeting your father. For he the legendary Hawkeye of the avengers.
"He's Hawkeye (Y/N)! Your dad is literally legendary!" You rolled your eyes crossing your arms. Sure he was your dad and all. But you really wanted Lúcio to meet him!
"Yes but he's also my father! Trust me he's not as bad as you think. I mean you are Lúcio Correia dos Santos! (I used OverWatch Wiki for his name :p) Sense when do you fear people?" Lúcio new she had a point. Lúcio really did want to meet your father, but was nervous he was gonna say something dumb and embarrassing.
"What if I say something embarrassing?"
"You won't. Now come on, let's get ready. We are meeting him in a hour." I game him a quick kiss and walked away. Lúcio stood there blushing, never will he not blush when you kiss him.
-Time skip to an hour due to the tiredness of meh-
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 12 3
My Hat! (Jesse McCreeXReader)
A/N:HEY!! So I wrote this in my phone so if you see any mistakes please let me know so I can fix It! Also I do do requests! Anyways enjoy the story!
(Y/N): Your Name
(Y/L/N): Your Last Name
(H/C):Hair Color
(E/C):Eye Color
It was a nice day in the (Y/L/N) home as a (H/C) girl waited for a certain cowboy to arrive. She jumped in surprise when she heard a loud knock.
"Coming!!" The (H/C) woman sung as she ran to the door. As soon as she opened the door she was picked up and spun around.
"Jesse! Put me down! I wasn't mean to be spun around like a rag doll!" Jesse put her down patting her head smiling.
"Sorry darlin. Your just so cute and small." He swiftly walked past her and sat on her couch.
"I'm not small! I'm fun sized. Now move over or I'll throw my shoe at you." (Y/N) threatened glaring at him.
"I don't feel like it darlin. I'm to comfy as it is, and we both know you love me way to much to throw your shoe (Y/N)" (Y/N) gritted her teeth.
"It's because I love you I'm going to thr
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 22 40
Sweet Tooth: Clint (Avengers X Child!Reader)
Then you remembered, The one person in this whole world who almost love you more than your father was.........Your Uncle Clint!!
Surely he would understand! since he has 3 of his own! (Going off of Age of Ultron everyone!) So he would totally understand! You were trying to think of where he would be. "F.R.I.D.A.Y where is Uncle Clint?" "Clint Barton is in on the phone In the training room" "Thank 'chu F.R.I.D.A.Y! Could you take the elevator down there," You asked while running into the elevator. "Certainly Miss.Stark"  You felt the elevator start to move down.
You smiled and hummed a small tune. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. You smiled and saw your uncle Clint get off the phone. You made sure that you were quiet and sneaky, You were about to jump on his back but..."And I got you!" He spun around and picked you up. "Aww, I thought I had you" You gave a little pout.
He lightly ruffled your hair. "Not this time (Y/N)! Maybe when you're older which I hope never ha
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 57 11
Lazy day's (Steve Rogers X Reader)
It was a normal day for you in the avengers tower. You being a lazy person, where just sitting on the couch eating a bag of potato chips. Adventure time came on, in witch you smiled at because it was the episode where Finn and Flame Princess have there first kiss.
"(Y/N)!! Where be my Chetoes at?!" Ariana your best friend walked in slightly annoyed.
"In my belly." You looked at her smiling. You two just looked at each other for a soiled 2 minutes.
"You jerk." With that she walked away. You snuggled into the couch. You heard footsteps coming closer.
"Ariana... If your gonna prank me you should be quoted!" You lazily yelled.
"Last time I checked.. I'm not Ariana." You heard a low voice from behind. You looked behind you to see your crush,Steve.
"Yea your not Ariana. Your way to nice to me than Ariana is at times. Like a few moments ago. Then again I did eat her Chetoes." You said smiling sitting up.
"Yea she stormed out of the tower." He said sitting next to you. You looked at the time.
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 51 11
Pizza Date (Kylo Ren X Reader Collage AU)
You were just sitting in your room reading your college book.  You were in college learning to expand your cooking knowledge. You were always a good cook ever since your were a kid but you wanted to become better. You were reading a cookbook on Italian cooking until your phone went off.
You picked it up and noticed it said, Kylo Bae.
"Hey (Y/N), I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight..." You could tell he was blushing through the phone.
"I wish I could but I have to make an Italian dish tomorrow for class and I haven't figured out what I want to make yet and I have to have it done tomorrow." You sigh as you flip through the pages of your book. But come to  immediately stop when you saw a recipe that you wanted to do, and it was perfect for a date.
"Oh ok well, I guess we can go out tomorrow."
"Wait! Come over I have an idea and I need you" You say smiling at the idea you had.
"Sure I'll be over in 5 minutes"
"Great see you soon!" You hung up the phone
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 48 14
Call Your Name (Kylo Ren X Reader)
A/N: So this is a Songfic! so this will have some flipping feelz! So if you don't want sadness this time then go read some happy Kylo stuffz. Also this will also have tons if flash backs and I think you'll see why..
heres the song
~The song lryics~
-Kylo's P.O.V-
~She lost her brother a month ago
His picture on the wall
And it reminds me~
I remember seeing her fall to the ground when I told her.
-flash Back-
"He's dead (Y/N)! He was a traitor!" She shook her head and looked at me with pain in her eyes.
I remember seeing her run off to her room. Hearing her saying those things broke my heart. I pulled out my Lightsaber and destroyed everything in the room.
Now I look at a photo with me and her along with her brother, standing there. Looking happy. I now start remembering things.
~When she brings me coffee... her smile
I Wish I could be with her until my last day~
Her smile. That beauti
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 78 72
What happened to him.. (Loki X Reader)
A/N: Hey guys!! So sorry I have not uploaded anything!! I'm writing this on my phone so grammar and spelling probably will be bad so let me know what I need to fix! So back to the point. My school (I'm homeschooled) Gave me a laptop and they blocked certain stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Wattpad, and DeveantArt!! Ugh so I'm gonna be up loading stuff off my phone for a wail so sorry if it's bad! Anyways I just thought of this so enjoy! P.S your a Asgardian.
You walked in Loki's cell "Your not gonna talk to me?" He didn't even look at you. "Not even gonna look at me?" You sighed and shook your head. " never loved me did you?" "How dare you say that!" He stood up looking at you.
"Your the reason why I wanted to rule earth! I wanted us to live the life you never had!" "Loki...Your my life, I never wanted that. I just needed you. I'm here. In this cell with you. I asked Odin to physically see you. I never needed anything but your love" You walked over and
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 42 17
You Heartless Jerk (Sherlock X Reader) Part 2
A/N: HEY HEY MY BOOTYFULL PEOPLE!! here is part 2!! so If you have not read the fist part I will post it in the link in the description!! anyways enjoy part 2!!! P.S: This takes place before he kills Moriarty.
'=Text message
You sat in your room with the doors locked, you didn't want to look at anyone right now. Ariana was your beast friends since you were kids and Sherlock frightens her off. "Ughhh!!! Stupid Sherlock! You and your stupid blue eyes..and dumb curly black hair..UGH!! why do I have to like him" You flopped down on your couch and sighed.
Just as you were about to take a nap your phone went off. You looked hoping it was Ariana, but it was from Sherlock.
'Come meet me in the park'-SH
'Just come. Knowing you, you have nothing to do know'-SH
You get up and Put on a coat and head to the park.
~Le Time Skip! To you getting to the park~
You looked around trying to spot the Detective "Good You came" You jumped and turned around seeing Sherlock. "O sweet freckled Jesu
:iconarianajh8:arianajh8 29 29


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