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christmas starbucks

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Very cool. Looks very pretty.
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well done , very festive :D
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I'm used to filters and trends in editing, but the coffee mug + bokeh trend is the only composition trend I've noticed really, and it bothers me. It's like trying to tell a very personal story about the time you had coffee-- there's no story to the image. But, I'm no troll-- you really should try and smooth the bokeh out and get more detail from the mug. The mug itself is only partially in focus, and some of the bokeh is just too much. You do have a lovely gallery, though, and I'm going to watch your page. I hope I'm not being too harsh on this image, because I'm only commenting because it's a trend that's gotten to me. It seems like everyday I log on, and this same image, or another very similar (tea instead of coffee) is on the front page, or very near. You do have talent, though.
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Halik thank you so much for your opinion - its always ood to hear what people think ;) - well i shot in 1.8 and focus on a handle - so as the f stop was so small its quite hard to heel all mu in focus , strong , partially harsh bokeh was planned , as i have another similar type os shot planned with more softer bokeh ;) . thank you so much for your comment x
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Yeah, I can see the aperture creating a problem with the focus. And you did get a lot of bokeh, which is actually nice. Like I said, you're a wonderful photographer with a lot of talent!
jleosch's avatar
Superb! love this! great
ARIANA1985's avatar
thank you so much
Zalmero's avatar
beautiful shot! did you use a 50mm 1.8?
ARIANA1985's avatar
thank you , yes i did ;)
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This is really quite stunning!
I've tried to do the same, but when I do, either both is blurred, or my background is sharp and my subject isn't. :/ Any idea how I can fix this? :D
ARIANA1985's avatar
hmmm , i never have problem with iy - i just focus on a bit that's closer to me ;)
Zalmero's avatar
you should defn check this out then! [link]
i always tell myself im gonna try it every year. maybe this year i actually will hahha
ARIANA1985's avatar
oh yeah - see it (and wanted to do it lol ;) thanks for reminding me about it x
BOHONIKK's avatar
This is really pretty. I love the background a lot!
ARIANA1985's avatar
aww thank you xxxxx
BOHONIKK's avatar
no problem <3
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