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CAT BASES 2 by ariamisu CAT BASES 2 by ariamisu
HI GUYS its been a year since ive done bases so ! i did these very quickly
i remember i didnt even use a tablet for the other bases omf,,, i will probably redo the others as well, but feel free to SUGGEST a base !
old ones:…
edit: sorry guys but i deleted the comments thing because its overwhelming ahh,, i see all the mentions in my inbox, thank you!
ill try to work on a faq for my bases! until then if you have any QUESTIONS please just comment on my page instead.

- can use for adoptables, art trades, etc.
- yes its free to use.
- can NOT claim as your own.
- can use on other sites, given credit.
- you don't have to use all 4 bases or anything, feel free to crop some out.
- you can also erase parts and add wings/other stuff.
- NEEDS CREDIT. i prefer JUST 'base by ariamisu' and not link mentions bc it clogs my inbox.
- do not use for rip off species, etc. be polite
- cannot sell the bases alone; ex. just editing wings on it and selling it as a base. (its happened before)

- please don't comment used: (pic)
- i already get enough mentions and i dont look at all of them ;_; sorry about that !

- do not ask me how to use this base. please look up base tutorials.
- i wont make transparents; however, theyre pretty easy to do on SAI, as the lines are all binary and will fill pretty nicely.
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