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Commission [OPEN]
Hi DeviantArt! I've been constantly asked for commissions for years and I'm finally opening commissions here for the first time! :D (Big Grin) 
I'm not sure how often I could get to do this but I'll try my best to accommodate as much as I can. Thank you very much! w00t! 
Portrait (Simple BG) -  $50 USD
Bust Up (Simple BG)  -  $75 USD
Waist Up (Simple BG) -  $100 USD 
Full Body (Simple BG) -  $125 USD
  Ultraman by SamDelaTorre
Additional Characters -  +$50 USD (negotiable)
Complex BG -  +$30
:iconsamdelatorre:SamDelaTorre 6 0
Under the Night Sky by annJu-chan Under the Night Sky :iconannju-chan:annJu-chan 9 2 Her 'Backstory' by Aileara Her 'Backstory' :iconaileara:Aileara 6 2 Rae'laia Ravenblade by Aileara Rae'laia Ravenblade :iconaileara:Aileara 5 0 Azstaria Aria Libelle by ERDJIE Azstaria Aria Libelle :iconerdjie:ERDJIE 110 8 Magician's Tower by Ranarh Magician's Tower :iconranarh:Ranarh 131 17 Widowmaker Masquerade Mask and Crown by Firefly-Path Widowmaker Masquerade Mask and Crown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,511 23 How I drew - Perfume Bottle and Dagger by rika-dono How I drew - Perfume Bottle and Dagger :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 1,985 37 The only way I found to paint Velvet by rika-dono The only way I found to paint Velvet :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 623 8 LotC: Dragon Princess by Dopaprime LotC: Dragon Princess :icondopaprime:Dopaprime 774 38
2000 Watchers Raffle! CLOSED
I'm happy to announce that I've reached 2000 watchers on DeviantART! Yay!
Thank you so much! Love

Here are my gallery stats I find interesting:
LenamoArt has 63,712 pageviews in total; her 34 journals and the 225 deviations in their gallery were viewed 356,414 times. LenamoArt watches 385 deviants, while 2000 deviants watch LenamoArt.
Overall, her deviations received 2,964 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 32,125 times, while LenamoArt made 2,344 comments, about 1.07 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. 110 favourites were given for every 10 comments.
The majority of deviations are submitted to the digitalart gallery (140), while the
:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 96 182
Commissions OPEN for single characters! (UPDATED!)
(Please keep in mind these are base prices which can change depending on how complex or simple what you want me to draw is.)
  Full body lineart: 15 dollars Full body flat colors w/simple background: 35 dollars

Full body painted w/simple background: 50 dollars (You can choose between a gray background or a colored one.)
Full body with environment: 75 dollars

How to commission me:

Send me an email at, or send me a note on deviantart detailing what you want drawn, any reference you have for your character(pose, clothing, screencaps etc), the style you want it drawn in (e.g: linearted or painted,), background color et
:iconnozomi-m:nozomi-M 17 0
Rhaegar by Lensar Rhaegar :iconlensar:Lensar 2,515 124
Commissions: CLOSED
Comissions status: Closed.

Completion in Late October:
1. Max E.
2. Noah W.
3. Daniel Z.

1. Full Color painting: $90
- one character = $90 USD
additional characters = $80 USD each
- background = $30USD
- add NSFW version = $30 USD

Lich Queen Mei
Full color paintings come by default with a flat background with slight color gradation, unless requested otherwise.
2. Monotone drawing: $60 

- one character = $60 USD
- additional characters = $50 USD each
- Background = $20 USD
- add NSFW version = $20USD

monotone comes by default with slight color variations, unless you request I don't put them.
 3. Lineart drawing: $45
- one character = $45 USD 
:iconvanharmontt:VanHarmontt 19 20


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“Lady Libelle?”

  Aria Libelle had been staring out the open window of the hot, stuffy tavern when the voice drew her back from her daydream. At first the half elf made no acknowledgement to being addressed and simply continued to look upon the lands of Uldum. Her gaze passed over the oasis palm trees of Ramkahen, beyond the rolling sand dunes of the arid desert, and settled on the distance pyramids.

  The Land of the Titans.

  An ancient land so rich in history and Titanic lore it made her heart race with excitement just thinking about all of the undiscovered treasures and relics it hid. But fortune-seeking was not what had drawn her to the desert. No. She was after something specific, something she’d been hunting for years. The final piece of the puzzle.

  “Uh, Lady Libelle?” the man speaking to her cleared his throat trying to get her attention.

  Slowly, the raven-haired rogue looked over her shoulder, crimson eyes settling on the gnome standing a few steps away.

  His hair was bubblegum pink and slicked up in spikes. The moustache he sported curled up at either end and his goatee was trimmed and neat.

  “Pinkie,” Aria purred, turning fully to face the man, “tell me you’ve got good news for me.”

  Pinkie sighed, waddled over to her, and climbed onto the stool beside her. “Well, it’s not exactly bad news.”

  Aria quirked a brow, looking over the dig boss with a dissatisfied stare. “And what exactly does that mean?”

  “Well, it means that it ain’t good news either.” Pinkie picked up a cup half-full of an amber liquid, sniffed it once, pulled a face of disgust, and took a drink.

  “Pinkie,” Aria growled in a threatening tone, “I’m not in the mood for your games.” She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for the gnome to clarify his meaning.

  He took another drink of the mystery substance and exhaled slowly. “Look, toots—“ The woman’s glare made him clear his throat, “I mean, Lady Libelle. All I’m getting at is that the dig isn’t going quite like how we expected. We came across some… issues.”

  Aria’s eyes narrowed further.

  “B-But!” Pinkie hastily continued, “My men resolved said issues, kinda, and resumed excavating as normal. Or well, tried to. However—“

  “Get to the point, gnome.” The leather of Aria’s gauntlet creaked as she curled her fingers into a fist.

  “Yes ma’am. You see, we found us a door. Not the kind you open like this,” Pinkie mimed grabbing a knob and pulling a door open, “but the kind you gotta magic your way through. The kind that you put in place when you don’t want people getting through. Titanic markings all over it.”

  This information brought a smile to Aria’s lips. Pleased, she nodded. “You think you found the vault door then?”

  “Think? Hell, lady, I lost four of my best men, well good men, okay they were peons, but still, I lost four of them trying to get near the damned thing. I know it’s the vault door. The statues on either side of it kept zapping us anytime we got close.” Pinkie took another drink. “Turned my men to a pile of ash just like that.” He snapped his fingers and then pointed at Aria as her gaze wandered back out the window, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I know that look. You’re going to have me clear my men out and you’re going to figure out this door on your own.”

  Aria nodded. “As usual. Your team has done exactly what I hired you to do. I’ll deposit your remaining fees once the last of your men have evacuated the site. Good work, Pinkie.”

  Pinkie huffed. “C’mon, don’t be like that. My men are starting to get suspicious. I’ve kept your identity a secret, but do you really expect them not to be curious about their generous benefactor? To not ask questions?”

  “Yes,” Aria said plainly, “that’s why I am so generous. If keeping secrets is getting too hard for you Pinkie, I’m sure I can find another who’ll find the task much easier.”

  “No, no!” Pinkie waved his hand in front of him, quickly dismissing such a notion. “I’ll have my men cleared out by tomorrow night.”

  “Good.” Aria reached for the golden goblet next to her, lazily swirling the scarlet liquid it held before bringing it to her lips.

  Pinkie hopped from the stool, drink still in hand, and waddled back towards the wooden staircase leading to the lower levels of the tavern. As he reached the top of the stairs he stopped, looked over his shoulder, and asked, “What exactly is it you hope to find in that vault by the way? It must be something priceless, if you’re willing to pay what you pay and risk getting turned to ash for it.”

  For a moment it seemed as if the rogue wasn’t going to reply. She was once more focused on the pyramids in the distance. Finally, just before the man gave up waiting for a response she said, “My salvation.”

  The gnome stared at her for a moment before slamming back the drink, scoffing. “Salvation? Fine, you keep your secrets,” he tossed the cup onto the floor and shrugged, “but ya know, any lesser man than my noble-self would sell you this information and then swipe your treasure right out from under your nose.”

  “I’ve never mistaken you for a fool,” Aria replied, “Take care Pinkie.”

  Pinkie snorted. “You too, Toots,” he said as he scrambled down the stairs before the rogue could snap a retort.

  With a sigh, Aria turned from the pyramids and leaned against the windowsill, idly swirling her drink. A smirk tugged at her lips. She was close, she could feel it. Soon, with any luck, her long hunt would be over.
Land of the Titans
Several months before the burning of Teldrassil, before the war between the Horde and the Alliance started in earnest, Aria Libelle found herself drawn to the arid desert lands of Uldum in search of a long lost ancient relic.

This is a very short story written to go along with a piece of artwork I got commissioned of my half-elf OC, Aria Libelle.…
Art by Erdjie


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