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Drabble: Dancing On a Knife's Edge
Falkreath Sanctuary was doomed.
Cicero knew it from the very moment he set foot inside that musty, humid cave. There was too much tension seething in the air. The arrival of the Night Mother had set an unwanted change in motion. It was the seed that germinated doubt in the hearts and minds of Astrid’s underlings. Her siblings would not betray her. No. But they would follow the Listener if one arose, and to Astrid, that was just as unforgivable as a knife in the back.
So the scene was set, and Cicero had his parts to play. To Astrid and her surly husband, Cicero was the witless fool. They saw him as a man broken by time and duty. They saw madness because that is what he wanted them to see— and maybe he was a little bit mad. That only made his ruse all the more believable.
To the others, he was the Fool of Hearts. Full of jokes and mirth to anyone who would pay attention, and when his exuberance began to wear on the maudlin assassins, he slipped into a more sedate, pol
:iconariakitty:ariakitty 6 2
Chillin' like a villain by ariakitty Chillin' like a villain :iconariakitty:ariakitty 66 8
Mature content
Fait Accompli: Chapter 11 - Throne of Bones :iconariakitty:ariakitty 2 4
Salt The Earth: Chapter 5
The morning begins, as many of Lumen’s mornings often do, with a bang.
It takes a moment for her thoughts, sticky with sleep, to recognize the bang as the sound of a door slamming. Forcing open her heavy eyes, she catches sight of two blurred figures arguing near a doorway. Her head throbs in time with her pulse, and the nearby argument only adds to her splitting headache. How much did I drink last night? She wonders, but then memories come flooding back with a cascade of visions; a giant demon, a doorway into another world, light spilling from her hand, and then— darkness.
“Would you two please shut up?” she snarls, hoping to sound ferocious in her groggy, half-asleep state. “Or take your argument outside? My head is killing me.”
The voices fall into a stunned silence, and then—
“Miss Lumen!” Luka bounds to her bedside, despite Cassandra’s protests. “Oh, you’re awake. Thank Sithis!”
Lumen smirks, striving fo
:iconariakitty:ariakitty 1 4
Salt The Earth: Chapter 4
The past few days have been the most annoying of Arnbjorn’s life.
Minding the Listener and the Keeper is a difficult task on its own, but then Lumen had to Shout at that stupid light— portal— whatever. Now Arnbjorn is lost, and to make matters worse, he’s stuck with Cicero. Oh, and it’s raining, too. Actually, no— This is no mere rain. It’s a fucking deluge.
“Brother,” Cicero gasps, yanking at the collar of Arnbjorn’s armor to get his attention. “Brother are you sure we’re not dead? Poor Cicero was hoping to serve in the Void, but this cannot be the Void. Is it Hircine’s realm?”
“No.” He slaps Cicero’s hand away from him, not wanting the madman to ruin the armor that Hircine gave him when he killed a wayward werewolf. “We’re not dead. This place is not the Hunting Grounds — not that you’d be allowed in — and if you don’t stop touching m
:iconariakitty:ariakitty 2 4
Pontius by ariakitty Pontius :iconariakitty:ariakitty 7 5


Draw the Squad by Mugges Draw the Squad :iconmugges:Mugges 4,009 214 Alto WIP by khaoskai Alto WIP :iconkhaoskai:khaoskai 648 25 huntress by loish huntress :iconloish:loish 9,448 209 The Lament of Sathariel by PeteMohrbacher The Lament of Sathariel :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 4,118 63 Glyph by CBedford Glyph :iconcbedford:CBedford 423 9 Death of Lucien Lachance by Erika-Xero
Mature content
Death of Lucien Lachance :iconerika-xero:Erika-Xero 158 7
Lucien Lachance by Erika-Xero Lucien Lachance :iconerika-xero:Erika-Xero 342 15
Briinah, 'Flair For The Dramatic'
Flair for the dramatic runs in the family. Everyone just expresses the trait differently.
For some, like the selfish and cruel Listener, it’s a demonstration of narcissism. The world belongs to him, he is the master of his own and everyone else’s destiny, and he will play with the lives - and deaths - of those around him as if it were a game. For truly, to Zeno, it is.
For others, like Nazir, it is simply part of the craft. His trade is a straightforward one, and death can be achieved as easily as an unfortunate slip getting out of bed. Dramatics make his job more than just orchestrating accidents, or stopping a heart by mundane means. As long as he is a career killer, Nazir will will make himself more than a stroke of misfortune, but an artisan looking for a challenge, a murderer seeking to make the final result more notable than, “they weren’t dead before, and now they are.”
As for dear, darling, ever-faithful Cicero? Well, to credit it all to his past t
:iconalice-in-black:Alice-in-Black 2 2
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