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Forgotten (Dean Winchester X Reader)
You walked into the hospital room your husband, Dean was in. The nurse hadn’t cleared you to get up and walk around yet, but nothing could stop you from getting up to check on him. Not even the three busted stitches and the agony that radiated from your side, along with the crimson that leaked out. Baby got t-boned by another car;  hitting the drivers side. You and Sam were on the passenger side so Dean got the worst of it. The nurse told you that your brother-in-law was fine. But your husband, however, was comatose.
You saw Sam sitting at his bedside waiting for him to wake up. His keen ears turned around to see you. He stood up and ran over to you. “[Y/N], what the hell are you doing up!” He put his hands on your waist and felt wet, red, stickiness on his hand. “You’re beeding, get back in bed, we’ll be fine.” Sam resurred, trying to get you back into your room.
“I do have family rights, Sam. I deserve to be here.” You flatly
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Hot, Wet, and Burnt (Thor X Reader)
Thor was in the apartment his fellow Avengers had set up to stay when he was on Earth. He was doing shirtless pushups and exercising before the woman he cares deeply for, and might even love arrives. He did 100 more before she did, and came knocking on door.
He answered the door and greeted your warmly. “Welcome, [Y/N}!”
“Hey, Thor.” You greeted back, carrying two very large bags of groceries which Thor immediately took from you. “Thanks.”
“Anything for you.” Thor flashed you a wink, and you felt a soft giggle escape your lips. You both walk over to his kitchen counter. You were behind him and noticed the sweat and smell trail behind him. He may be a god, but his sweat smells like a mortal man. You quickly ran up next to him. He placed the grocery bags on the counter and he helped you unpack the paper bags.
Although you didn’t notice it, Thor noticed the smell of fresh sweat radiating off of himself.
He mentally scolded himself, rea
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Everyday is Independence day with Captain America
Pairing: Steve Rodgers X Reader
You loved fireworks. The colors, the smell of gunpowder in the air, and the crackle of them as they pop. You didn't like the cold, so New Years wasn't ideal for you. The fourth of July, however? That only made the experience better. The National pride, the food, and comradely of friends. Not to mention your boyfriend Steve Rodgers only renewed your love for the holiday.
You and Steve planned to go to your local parks fair and spend evening there, and sit right below the fireworks.
"Come on, Steve!" you called out, jumping like a child. You were spending your first Independence Day with the biggest American symbol in recent history.
"Alright, [Y/N]! I'm coming." He laughed. Enjoying your childlike love for the holiday. You two were holding hands when you opened the door. Your face feel and your heart dropped when you saw the rain pouring down from the blacked sky.
You didn't noticed you were shaking and crying when Steve wrapped his arms around you. "It's
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So Does This Mean I Can Stay? Peter ParkerXReader
“Ready to go, [Y/N]?” You and Peter were standing atop of your apartment building, getting ready to kick ass and chew gum, and you were all out of gum. Seriously, you were all out. You made a mental note to remind him to stop at the store to get more.
You see, Peter Parker has been your best friend since third grade. You two have always been close, You were even on the field trip where he got his powers. It wouldn’t be a year later until you found out he was Spider-man before the huge mess with the Avengers fighting. You were in fact, the first to know about his powers.
In turn, he was the first to know about your strength and healing abilities, you soon became his go to person for healing. Not to mention you were pretty good at fighting, and after he became Tony Stark’s lackey, you joined him. Stark soon found out about this, and forbid him from “crime fighting with a civilian”. Peter informed you of this, but you were too stubborn to care what some
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Elisif by AriaGrill Elisif :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 3 0 YanDev meme by AriaGrill YanDev meme :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 6 7 Harley Quinn by AriaGrill Harley Quinn :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 6 1 Carree is Smol by AriaGrill Carree is Smol :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 3 0 Best Dragon Poni by AriaGrill Best Dragon Poni :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 13 3 Noby by AriaGrill Noby :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 6 0 Imagine the OTP by AriaGrill Imagine the OTP :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 4 12 Style test by AriaGrill Style test :iconariagrill:AriaGrill 10 2


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Carlson's Cavaliers Chapter 1, Part-1Carlson's Cavaliers
{A Battle Tech Adventure Series}
Ever wonder where the Clans got their hands on genetics and eugenics programs? Why, they took it with them, so that the Inner Sphere wouldn't screw up the human genome like they screwed the pooch on everything else. But, one rogue scientist at ComStar is determined to bring about real change to the human condition, regardless of the cost.
Using information gleaned from files long thought lost to Kerensky's Exodus, she begins putting the pieces together. 200 children are birthed in the first wave of genetic experimentation, part of her "Diablo Project". It's 2883, and she's sure that even if the Great Houses found out what it was ComStar was doing out on a lonely Periphery world, they'd likely turn a blind eye, since no House wants an HPG Interdiction.
But find out is exactly what House Davion does, and quickly dispatches an RCT to find out just how far ComStar has gone.
Lightly defended by basically green troops of the newly minted C

Dragon heart by FuRi9N


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