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Literally. People even ask me why do I look like a zombie. Well, not my fault my organism is going stupid when it comes to providing a sensible amount of sleep. I am also flooded with various stuff to do, including school and drawing and I simply can't deal with it on time. The latter has also become super important since I'm participating in Architecture courses (to have a proper preparation before going to university) and almost all of my drawing time is consumed by technical drawings. And I am still not putting enough effort into it. I have no time to draw much for myself, what means people who are waiting for their commissions will have to be patient, cause there is simply no way for me to complete them in the nearest future. I also have some money commissions to do which are more of a priority than dA points. So, If you commissioned me please, be patient.

The time I should be spending on all of my school work I spend only on maths and physics because those are the subjects of major importance for me, and I still get poor results. Well, perhaps not poor, but definitely not satisfying enough. Still, it makes me feel terrible, I know that I'm not pushing it to the limit. I know that I can do better. And I'm loosing motivation. And Energy. Mom. I think I need some rest. Congratulations, If you have reached this point that means that you have learned some useless facts about my life which are completely useless :heart: I just wanted to post an explanation for my lack of activity, that's all

Sorry for any mistakes, my English is evolving backwards.


Art & Character (C) Adrianna Ojrzanowska
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Aww that's cute^^
Love the coloring and the expression. Also great job on the pose!
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Strasznie mi się podoba cieniowanie ^^
Mój angielski też się cofa w rozwoju...
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God damn, finally i found the time to comment on this drawing D: school is eating me.

and i can soooo feel your pain right now, i´m in exsactly the same situation right now -.- it is soo terribly anoying. just today, i got back a chemestry test, i worked my ass off to get a good grade, what do i get? a 4+ (D+ i dunno what system you use over there) and then i found some mistakes that the teacher did, i said to him that this number i wrote is clearly a 3 and not a 5 (i asked my classmates and they said it´s defenetly a 3) and he just said "pff that could be anything, i have seen many 3s in my life..." and then he walks away -.- grrr sry that i rant about it here xD
BUT you´re NOT the only one D: :hug: :hug: hang on buddy <3

and pretty drawing btw ;)
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THank you :hug:

Ugh! I hate when teachers do that, it's just unfair. Aspecially when you work very hard and get a poor result. And I don't know about Germany, but in my town, some teachers give us pretty bad time just to prove us, that we have no abilities or skills... Hope you get well too :)
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To może ja też przytulę :hug::hug:
Wiem że nie wypada przytulać się do każdego kogo się weźmie spotka ale ja lubię się przytulać xD
Na prawdę ładny rysunek :heart:
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Dziękuję :hug:

Spoko! Ja też lubię się przytulać : D Z jednymi bardziej, z innymi mniej, ale cóż XD
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:) Przytulanie jest fajne :D
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Nie poddawaj się~~
Każdy czasami potrzebuje huga. Nawet ja. Taka optymistka XD
Uważam że co by się nie działo, kiedyś nadejdą lepsze czasy. Nic konkretniejszego nie potrafię powiedzieć, właśnie dlatego że to jest właśnie ten czas kiedy potrzebuję huga XDD"

Śliczny ten art. Tak btw ^^
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Dziękuję :heart:
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Wygląda jak grumpy cat 8D

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Haha, o to po części chodziło XD

Dziękuję :heart:
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of course!! you derserve a hug :iconsweethugplz: don't ever give up, gurl!
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Awwww...a hug ^^
Great job!!
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:D Jaka mina. Ja mogę cie przytulić.
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