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Dear Deviant Artists and friends,

I love to make paintings and drawings, but also to make music.
You're welcome to listen some of my musical compositions and collaborations on soundcloud:

Hello dear deviants!

How about taking a break?

I want to share with you one of my new piano compositions i made recently. If you have 3 minute, come on listen to it!
I hope this can relax you!

It's a very simple melody, inspired by the springtime and the way the life goes on...

You can listen here:…
(this little video uses some photos i made during travels with cars, train or plane)

I did also a piano version of a Björk's song called "Pleasure is all mine" (recorded in a studio with a real piano!! :D)…

I have a lot of music to share and i plan to create my own website very soon! :)

Hope you like this piano moment! ;)

Thank you!

I am just coming back from a week of vacations! I was near moutains, forests and pures rivers and now i'm feeling so much better... ...and full of inspiration!  It's impressive how much the contact with natural elements can give us energy and inspiration. When i was walking, alone, i took my xylophone and was searching for some very isolated places where i could listen and play music... In every place, if we are a little bit careful, we can feel something like a spirit, and we can listen to its music. Of course what we play after that is just an interpretation of this particular moment. This is what i'm trying to do now. If I can make someone feel a little part of this "spirit", it would be my greatest success!


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Hello! I will use this new journal entry for my videos of piano's personal compositions. Creating music is for me the best way to feel free. It's like another world where all is possible. When i was child, i wanted to visit every parts of the Earth ^^, but with music i realized that i can visit all the landscapes i want, just with imagination! This is why playing piano and doing anything creative is very important for me! :)

O-o-o-o------------ NEWS ------------o-o-o-O

15.11.07: I just posted another personal piano piece called "The Future". It's an "emotive" track, born from some improvisations a little bit by chance. You can listen it here:…
Thank you for the listening. Comments are always welcome.

O-o-o-o------------ VIDEOS LISTING ------------o-o-o-O

15.11.07: The Future (Le Futur):…

22.09.07: The Golden Age (L'Age d'Or):…

18.09.07: Dark Predicts (Sombre Présage):…

18.09.07: A Way Towards... (Allée vers...):…

Comments are always welcome! :D
Hello! The only sad thing in deviantART is that there is no place to put music creation, no? I will put some of them in this journal entry!
I play piano since 10 years now and making music is one of my biggest passions.



Today,  one of my tracks I made with piano. Here is just a computer-piano, because I haven't any microphone or something to record with my real piano!


12/07/07: "Golden Age"…

09/06/07: "Rays of Sun"…

30/01/07: "Descent to Earth"…

30/12/06: "Lamas in Egypt"…

18/12/06: "Illusions"…

11/12/06: "Letter for Carine"…

Comments are always welcome! :)
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Hello and welcome to my deviantart gallery! You can find here some traditionnals drawings, digitals images and photos. You can see all of my works on my personnal website:

I discover Deviant Art just recently and I like it very much! That's very interesting to see arts from every persons from any countries.

Precision: my english isn't very good but don't hesitate to send me some comments

Et Merci à Chris (MassBlak) de m'avoir incité à faire cette galerie! ;-)