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Bonitasaura Salgadoi

By Aria-Moony
Fullview needed ;p

A Bonitasaura drawing. HB pencil + pen shiny silver on A3 white paper and about 4-5 hours of work. I love dinosaurs and I just finished to read Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton !^^ Some other dinos will come soon ~_^

The reference by artist Gabriel Lio.
This drawing by me.

Infos about Bonitasaura :
Bonitasaura is a titanosaurian dinosaur hailing from uppermost layers of the Late Cretaceous Bajo de la Carpa Formation, Neuquen Group, located in Río Negro Province, Northwestern Patagonia, Argentina. The remains, consisting of a partial sub-adult skeleton jumbled in a small area of fluvial sandstone, including lower jaw with teeth, partial vertebrae series and limb bones, were described by Apesteguía in a short communication in mid-2004.

The genus name Bonitasaura refers to the fossil quarry’s name, “La Bonita”, while the name of the type species, B. salgadoi, pays homage to Leonardo Salgado, a renowned Argentine palaeontologist.

Bonitasaura measured 9 meters (30 feet) in length, and had a skull similar to another group of sauropods, the diplodocids. The lower jaw had a distinctive, sharp ridge immediately behind a reduced set of teeth. This ridge supported in life a sharp, beak-like keratin sheath that probably paired with a similar structure in the upper jaw. The keratin sheath worked much like a guillotine to crop vegetation raked into the mouth by the peg-like front teeth. This animal also had a rather short neck and robust projections of the back vertebrae for muscle attachment, indicating that the neck was use in vigorous exertions, probably during feeding.

B. salgadoi is further evidence that, after a purported extinction of diplodocid sauropods, some lines of titanosaurian evolution converged with them, exhibiting low long skulls without the characteristic nasal arches of other macronarians (such as Brachiosaurus or Argentinosaurus) and lower jaws that were squared off and contained comb-like teeth, reversed limb proportions (the front limbs shorter than the hind limbs, unlike the condition in most other macronarians) and rudimentary whiplash tails. This find also sheds light on some problematic aspects of the related dinosaur Antarctosaurus, sometimes viewed as a chimera made up of a titanosaurian skull and body and a diplodocid jaw.

Source : Sebastián Apesteguía. (September 2004). Bonitasaura salgadoi gen. et sp. nov.: a beaked sauropod from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia. Naturwissenschaften. 91:493–497
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JurassicPark40's avatar
FANTASTICALLY detailed! A very well done!
angel-ann's avatar
wooooow Moony! je ne savais pas que tu es si talenteuse :) vraiment! il est adorable!!! ses yeux, sa peau - tout! je suis impressionnée! (c'est l'image que tu utilises comme avatar sur MSN, non?! ;))
Aria-Moony's avatar
C'est gentil! Mais tout le mérite revient à Gabriel Lio,
l'artiste original dont je n'ai fait qu'emprunter les
superbes dessins en tant que models! ^__^
Je suis quand même contente d'avoir réussi à les
représenter correctement lui et le dilophosaure,
ils sont très compliqués ^^'

Merci pour le compliment Ann ^ç^ (oui c'est lui!^^)
angel-ann's avatar
de rien, c'est bien mérité :) oui, Gabriel Lio est incroyable! Je t'ai envoyé le lien de ce site allemand (sur MSN)...c'est magnifique ce qu'il fait! :aww: eh bien, tu dessines encore des dinosaures pendant les derniers jours? :)
Aria-Moony's avatar

Oui il est vraiment doué, les autres artistes du site
sont aussi remarquables, j'aime beaucoup, merci encore pour
m'avoir passé ce site, c'est intéressant ^^

Eh bien depuis le Dilophosaure je n'ai plus eu le temps d'en
dessiner ailleurs que dans les marges de mes feuilles de cours ! ^^
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Nice pencil work, but maybe would be nice to mention the reference by artist Gabriel Lio. ;) Looking forward to see more dinosaur art from you.
Aria-Moony's avatar
Thank you ^^ Yes I don't know that the model that I
found in the web without reference was by Gabriel Lio!
I'll put this precision in my "artist comment" thank you
for the information!

...sorry for my "french" english ! ^^'
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Yes, that was just an advice, not accusing you of stealing ;) Gabriel Lio's style is quite recognizable in his works.
I personally think this is the correct way to do it. At least I would do it, and I hate it when someone displays my art or clearly "influenced" art without giving credits.
Aria-Moony's avatar
Naturally, I understand perfectly! Nevertheless, I am French and I do not know Gabriel Lio before you talk to me (and I discover its beautiful designs, very difficult to reproduce, but I want to clarify that I do not "copy" his works, I admire his drawings and try to reshape it, especially since I love dinosaurs!) but I totally agree with you. ;)
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Well, greetings from snowy Finland :)
Aria-Moony's avatar
Thanks :) Greetings from windy France ;p
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Like the Nigersaurus!
Aria-Moony's avatar
Yes the Bonitasaura is a dinosaur with billed duck,
it probably resembled a little to the Nigersaurus.

(Le Bonitasaura est un dinosaure à bec de canard,
ils se ressemblaient sûrment lui et le Nigersaurus.)

Sorry for my english!
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Yeah it might :D

It's okay :)
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