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(Updated on 01.01.2022)

Dancing dummy Hi there! Dancing dummy 

I'm currently open for commissions!

I'm offering both digital and traditional commissions, you can read all info below:

Traditional Commissions: 

Watercolors, ink, gouache

Art of existing person (reference picture needed)
Art of fantasy character
Art of animals

Soft edges
[Art won’t have harsh outlines, it will look more painterly,soft]
Darker outlines
[I’m going to draw the outlines with darker ink.]

Portrait/ Bust
  • Detailed 130+ USD
  • Less detailed 100+ USD
Half Body
  • Detailed 150+ USD
  • Less detailed 120+ USD
Full body Illustration
  • Detailed 170+ USD
  • Less detailed 140+ USD
Art is more rendered, more decorated, there’s something in the background
Less detailed:
Art is less rendered, simpler, very simple background or no background

International shipping with tracking number available for 12 USD

- Bust/ Portrait 
Pearlescent mermaid by ARiA-Illustration MEH by ARiA-Illustration Blushing clouds by ARiA-Illustration  Pink galaxy witch Day 22 Inktober18 by ARiA-Illustration Aronia by ARiA-Illustration  Blue Roses by ARiA-Illustration

- Half body
   Day6 Inktober - Lavender Witch by ARiA-Illustration  Day7 Inktober- Luna moth witch by ARiA-Illustration  Bellflower Garden- Day 3. Inktober18 by ARiA-Illustration Skull collector witch by ARiA-Illustration Magic moon witch by ARiA-Illustration Gardening by ARiA-Illustration

- Full body
Crystals by ARiA-Illustration  Bathub by ARiA-Illustration Lorin by ARiA-Illustration  Jellyfish by ARiA-Illustration    Rose tea by ARiA-Illustration Fairy ring by ARiA-Illustration

 Digital Commissions: 

Art of existing person (reference picture needed)
Art of fantasy character
Art of animals

Semi realistic painting
[Fully rendered digital art, without harsh outlines]
Cartoon style painting
[Art will have outlines, colors will be flatter- less rendering]


Portrait/ Bust
  • Detailed semi realistic style 90+ USD
  • Less detailed semi realistic style 80+ USD
  • Cartoon style 80+ USD
Half Body
  • Detailed semi realistic style 110+ USD
  • Less detailed semi realistic style 100+ USD
  • Cartoon style 100+ USD
Full body Illustration
  • Detailed semi realistic style 150+ USD
  • Less detailed semi realistic style 130+ USD
  • Cartoon style 130+ USD
Animal Illustration
  • Detailed semi realistic style 90+ USD
  • Less detailed semi realistic style 70+ USD

Art is more rendered, more decorated, there’s something in the background
Less detailed:
Art is less rendered, simpler, very simple background or no background

- Portrait/ Bust in semi-realistic style 
Strawberry oni by ARiA-Illustration  Commission OC portrait by ARiA-Illustration  Beautiful misery by ARiA-Illustration  CM: Yuspira by ARiA-Illustration  Bloom by ARiA-Illustration  Hibiscus by ARiA-Illustration

-Half Body semi realisic style
Jellyfish princess by ARiA-Illustration  Zelda by ARiA-Illustration  Tenderness by ARiA-Illustration  CM: Half-elf male character by ARiA-Illustration

-Half Body Cartoon style
Starry dress by ARiA-Illustration

- Full body semi realistic

Mature Content

Commission: Mermaid Katy by ARiA-Illustration
  Powerpuff Girls by ARiA-Illustration  CM: Tiefling by ARiA-Illustration

-Animal Illustration
  Artemis by ARiA-Illustration  Luna by ARiA-Illustration  Arctic Fox by ARiA-Illustration  Fairy bunny by ARiA-Illustration  Spring kitten by ARiA-Illustration

Step 1: Send me an email me to Please be as specific as you can about what you'd like to get.
For example: You need to write appearance, accessories, nature, story, name etc...
Step 2: If I accept your request we can discuss the details of the commission. I will ask you for a full payment before I start the project. I will send you a PayPal invoice, so you can make the payment with that. I accept PAYPAL ONLY (USD). After I recieved the payment I start the sketch. After I sent you the sketch and if you like it I can start finish it. Throughout the process, I will be sending you pictures of how the piece is turning out. You're welcome to add input on whether you would like changes to the piece during this stage.


- prices estimated, it can cost extra if you want me to add more details.
- I usually finish the work in 1 week, but max 2 weeks.
- If you don't accept a sketch you can't publish it or give to another artist
- No refunds after a commission is finished!
- When I'm finished with digital commissions I'll send a full resolution 300 dpi JPG or PNG
- If you want, you can decide the pictures orientation : vertical, horizontal or widescreen but If you give me free hand I can decide it.
- The more freedom you give to me, the more inspired I am and the better result will be.
- Traditional art: Shipping is not included in the price
- The traditional commission prizes are for A4 size. I can do A5, A4, A3 Watercolor paintings, the prices will change with sizes.
- These Commissions are only for personal use! You are not allowed to make profit of my work or use it for commercial purpose.
- (Artworks for commercial use cost higher. If you are interested write me an e-mail)
- If you ever want share my work, please credit me!
- I have right to share the art on my social media and mention you in the description.
- If you commission me means you agree these conditions.
- I draw: Girls, Boys, Original characters, Fanart, Portraits from photo, Humanized characters, animals.
- I don't draw: gore, fetish or sexual theme

Please feel free to write me via note or e-mail if you have any other questions.
Thank you so much dear future commissioners for supporting my work!

© 2017 - 2022 ARiA-Illustration
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you are now knils mind slave bwuahhahaahahahahaha

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Hello, I am curious about an animal illustration If you are still open. ☺️

I would love to discuss it, as I will Be wanting two more animal illustrations done in the future as well. ❤️

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I absolutely love your work! Are you still open for commissions?
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your art is awesome one of these days im gonna commission you :la:
ARiA-Illustration's avatar
Thank you so much! Feel free to write me c:Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6]  
skylure70's avatar
I so wish I could afford one of these! ovo
Your second-to-most recent art piece is my favorite out of all of them, and that's a super high bar set by the rest of the work~!
If I can ever afford one of these I hope they're still open... we'll see ovo
ARiA-Illustration's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my work c: Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] I hope I can always keep my commissions open. 
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No problem~!
Okee dokee!
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