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M:tG Pokemon - Ash Ketchum



I'm planning on making my own Magic: The Gathering set based in the Pokémon universe. Whether this is a supreme act of imagination and creativity or of boredom and nerdiness has yet to be ascertained. The cards are set, but I'm still looking for a few more apropos pieces of artwork.

Among the mechanics I'm planning for this set include a huge Tribal theme (Pokémon, in other words), evolution, and bringing some of the game mechanics into the cards. Ash, as a planeswalker in this set, benefits creature casting (which there will be plenty of, but not nearly as bad as "Legions"), and said creatures when they're on the battlefield.

Also: you have NO IDEA how difficult it was to find a pic of Ash a) full body, b) with a decent background, c) big enough to fit in the card without being stretched and d) didn't distort Ash himself in the art. Well, now that that's all taken care of, I'm pleased with how this turned out.

If the response is positive enough, I'll release the completed set.

Ability Rules Text
For the second ability, if you control six Pokémon, three green and three white, you would add three green mana and three white mana to your mana pool. If you control one Pokémon and it’s red and black, you add one red mana and one black mana to your mana pool. Colorless Pokémon add one colorless mana to your mana pool.

EDIT: Totally changed Ash's third ability; it's -7 now, and is something totally fits more into his colors (green gets some card drawing, and white gets life gain).
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excellent use of layers