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So tonight ends my vacation, was pretty solid and really helped so much. I enjoyed Halloween and got to binge on Animal Crossing and take it easy for awhile. My sleeping habits are still poor but it was nice just being able to take it easy, haha. But that said I'd like to make this journal and address some stuff that might happen going forward.

Because the influx of commissions old and new which are currently on my Google Doc (I'm sure you've seen it on my commission price sheet), I'm gonna try and work on at least 2 commission at a time. It's back to the ol' stress and grind. Some of you may have to wait longer but I didn't forget you. I don't skip out on clients. 2020 may have been shit, but 2021 hasn't, and I'd like to think I've been faithful in delivering. Better to have a late commission than none at all.

All I can ask for is that clients be aware that there's a lot of people on said list, and I can only work on so many. I will ping you on Discord when I have an update. I'm aware you have been waiting and are waiting; I'm not an artist who skips out on people or gives them nothing. Don't come to me, I will come to you.

I'd also like to address that next year I will be raising prices. This will not apply to clients who are doing ongoing comics, only newcomers. I'm hoping this may also lessen my load and keep me from constantly taking them; this might not be a popular decision but as my attention is being focused on less stress/less work, this might be for the best.

Comics will be $50 in 2021 per page, and will only be applicable to newcomers and not return clients.

Single pictures will be $45. Flats will be $25.

Might not be the popular thing to do, and i sympathize, but I get told this a lot and I think this will help me in more ways than one I think. Health and maintaining stability, imo.

That being said, probably gonna get my model sheet for my webcomic moving forward and a little bit more of an ADGTH-themed trade and I'll begin with my commissions. Oldest commissions hold priority over recent ones (meaning, those well over a month or more long) and I'll work my way down.

And, before I go..

Again, thank you for your patience. I sincerely appreciate it. I might not be as fast as I used to be, but I do get my shit done. All I ask for you is to not push me, please. Pushing leads to stress which leads to more delays. None of us want that.

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