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Keeping Up with Thursday: Issue 4, page 8

This is one page I'd like to remake again, as it might be a little confusing. Patrick's been thrown across the floor, but while sore, manages to snag his hat while on the run from the nasty cat...

Assuming readers would be interested in help funding some money to improve the KUWT website over on - let me know, and Issue 4 may possibly get the entire Issue 3 REDUX treatment (in which it would be completely redrawn). $10 a day gets a brand new page update, with bonus perks as gifts.


Characters, Artwork, KUWT and Story (c) Aaron Mocksing, all rights reserved; 2010-2014
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At least, Vinnie is not getting his ass kicked by a cat.
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He knows better. :D
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Poor Vinnie. :XD: I hope he can pull this off!
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*has no witty sneeze-related pun for this one* xD

He's gonna blow it. :V

*is dragged off the stage with a cane*
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I know you told me not to do any more crits, but I'm having trouble following this one. Not sure what order the panels are in and what happened in the middle did someone trap Patrick in their hat?
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It's not that I didn't want critique. :V I'm all for it, especially from you. :)

I just wanted to enjoy Issue 4 without the stress of what I went through last time, having to go each of the pages and redoing them when I just wanted to move forward.

As far as I have been lead to believe from a few others, the comic has been understandable for the most part.
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As explained on the artist comments.

Patrick was dropped down to the floor, managed to get up, picked up his hat and ran.

It's kinda in a Z-motion; top two having him being tossed and coming down onto the floor. Middle row having him slowly get up, manage to collect his hat. And the third panel in the second row has him running.

I can kinda see the confusion, but I contest with the notion that it's Pat's hat and hand in that second panel there, lol.
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I see it was my eye reading direction that threw me off. I got to panel #5 (the one on the right) too soon. I hit it 3rd, cause initially, it was the 3rd panel from left to right and since it was also above the next 2, it led me to believe it was the 3rd panel. That's what confused me.
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:) 'Salright.

I'm sure I coulda did it better, but I wasn't thinking at the time. xD
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