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Keeping Up with Thursday: Issue 4, page 6

And so begins... Vinnie's quest.

We're visiting a time in their relationship and friendship which has gone on for a good while. Maybe four to five years at the most: this leaves room for plenty of stories to be told if KUWT ever gets picked up to be a series.

I'd say towards the end, though, Patrick's considered Vinnie to be more of a guy to be the stool to help him up. At one point, it was a good working relationship; Patrick carries out the plans, does the investigations, makes sure everything is perfect - a bit of OCD, if you will, like me. Vinnie helps assemble things into motion, the second hand in a project that would require it.

For whatever reason Patrick wants to, is perhaps a yearning for the days he didn't need help. He feels he can do things without him now, especially since Vinnie's got a few flaws and hindrances that make certain plans difficult. It's hard to get him to pose in a disguise or stand still without complaining of an allergy coming.


Characters, Artwork, KUWT and Story (c) Aaron Mocksing, all rights reserved; 2010-2014
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Got to respect a guy who thinks ahead all the time. :)
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Patrick's that damn good. <3
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I'm starting to feel sorry for this guy. :giggle: It can't be easy having such a rash partner.
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Yeah. :)

Of all the infamous duos, this one's about ready to fold. ;D