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Keeping Up with Thursday: Issue 4, page 5

Patrick takes on the cat with his bare hands. Witty, no? Vinnie just about sums it right up, haha.


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JUST A BIG PUSSY. Nice line before his death match. :D
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Get em'! Lawl. xD
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LOL Pat lives for the thrill. I can just see him taming the cat as a pet.
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Hehehe. :D

Patrick: *walking back with the cat whistling the infamous 'Peter and the Wolf' theme* :D

Vinnie: -( ).( )-? ... *sighs*
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:rofl: Wow, Patrick has some guts! Maybe too much for his own good. :P I love Vinnie's face in the last panel. It pretty much tells us that this isn't the first time Pat's done something like this. :giggle:
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:D He's got so much fire in the belly, there's no stoppin'im! x3
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