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Keeping Up with Thursday: Issue 4, page 4

Cameos from :iconsprybug: and :iconharkovast:'s webcomics appear in the books, haha. Patrick decides to take on the cat on his own due to the cat's arrival.

Please pardon the jpeg quality. My dial-up has not helped and I cannot afford anything better, hence my reliance on others, like :iconsirquacky: Also be sure to thank him for his efforts, he is taking commissions and could use some money to help pay for expenses. Thanks.

Tooth & Claw (c) Chris Spry
Harkovast (c)... well, Hark? xD I dunno his real name. I don't think I ever asked.


Characters, Artwork, KUWT and Story (c) Aaron Mocksing, all rights reserved; 2010-2014
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Cocky Pat ready to screw over a cat. :D
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Haha! There it is. Looks like you have other homages here that I may not be aware of. Anything with the figures that's an homage to something? I'm flattered BTW.
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Nah, it's just the books. :) It was around the time I was looking for figurines to probably get inspiration from, before making up one of my own.

I wound up making a figurine called 'Searching', which, had it been more detailed, would be a fun piece to sculpt one day. xD Essentially Revolutionary-era designs of children in military uniforms (save for one, possibly from the backwoods) and a pretty girl in a dress, all looking straight ahead as if they found something.
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I like the direction this headed. :D
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:3 I hope the comic's been understandable up till this point. The first three issues are pretty crude and rough, but I'm listening to user feedback so far.
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Once there's more pages up I plan to reread it. It's making sense though. I'm not getting lost. :D I'll just be able to comment more knowledgeably on the story when I can read pages back to back. For now most of my comments are probably going to be related to the visual aspects.
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Okay. :3

The way I'm setting it up is basically Pat/backstory/backstory/Vinnie/backstory/backstory before eventually bringing it all full circle. :) If you happen to have any questions later on, I'm all ears. ^^
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