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Keeping Up with Thursday Issue 2, page 7

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Hello everyone! I'm going to be now re-uploading the Issue 2 'Keeping Up with Thursday' renovated pages. After every five has been done between :iconsirquacky: (Photoshop editor) and I (Flash artist and assistant supervisor), I'll go back and repost the corrected pages to share with everyone. The revised pages are essential to bringing KUWT to unfamiliar readers who, if they had seen the series before, probably had trouble getting into it

And at last... the dog cops are on the patrol. Seems like someone's made quite a stir outside, and may have been lead to this small little home. Is Patrick done for? ;)


"Keeping Up with Thursday" characters, story and artwork by Aaron Mocksing
Restoration and Photoshop Editing Consultant: :iconsirquacky:

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There's the angry face. But she should have give a hard, scolding lecture towards him for what he did.

And here comes trouble.