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Keeping Up with Thursday Issue 2, page 6

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Hello everyone! I'm going to be now re-uploading the Issue 2 'Keeping Up with Thursday' renovated pages. After every five has been done between :iconsirquacky: (Photoshop editor) and I (Flash artist and assistant supervisor), I'll go back and repost the corrected pages to share with everyone. The revised pages are essential to bringing KUWT to unfamiliar readers who, if they had seen the series before, probably had trouble getting into it

Pride? Patrick's full of it. His mother doesn't condone it one bit: thinking he's safe inside his conveniant little mousehole apartment - our little tike brags about his first actual theft. I don't think his mother Genevieve will ever let this one go... how are they going to hde this? What if they found out? All mother's go through this kind of stress, and even mine, as I'm sure yours, were no exception.

FOR NEWCOMERS: If this is your first time reading the series, and having trouble finding the pages -- click the link to the DrunkDuck site! That way you'll see the series from start to finish. Saves me as much time telling you where to go and you from finding it. Otherwise you can also find my gallery... I'm pretty sure they're all there and listed in page number. Can't be too difficult. :)


"Keeping Up with Thursday" characters, story and artwork by Aaron Mocksing
Restoration and Photoshop Editing Consultant: :iconsirquacky:

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It feels like his mother should be furious seeing that her son robbed a toy store and hit a little girl. She would have unleashed mad hell on him.

Plus, she looks in this update. :)