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Keeping Up with Thursday Issue 2, page 5

Hello everyone! I'm going to be now re-uploading the Issue 2 'Keeping Up with Thursday' renovated pages. After every five has been done between :iconsirquacky: (Photoshop editor) and I (Flash artist and assistant supervisor), I'll go back and repost the corrected pages to share with everyone. The revised pages are essential to bringing KUWT to unfamiliar readers who, if they had seen the series before, probably had trouble getting into it

This page needs no explanation. :3 The original page came on St. Patrick's day, so that's something special.

Well, other than the fact my eye vision is going bad. xD The original had so much happening all at once - I had to copy and paste most of the images. But hey, at least you can see things now right? The original page was so bright you had to wear shades.

:iconsirquacky: is very busy right now, but I have finished editing pages 6 and 7, with 8 almost done. Once he's feeling better and able to continue, we'll pick up where we left off. :3 Sorry for any delays! I'm sure you all know, it's been busy for all of us here! But we haven't forgotten YOU, the fans and friends and readers. :3


"Keeping Up with Thursday" characters, story and artwork by Aaron Mocksing
Restoration and Photoshop Editing Consultant: :iconsirquacky:

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It reminds me of The Littles books and cartoon show. A mini world for anthro rodents. :)
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:wow: This page really came beautifully. Excellent work!
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Man, where's the LP cover or big-ass film poster with this on it, cause... I want one! :D

Epic work man, I love it, :3
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This would make an awesome film poster. :D ...that might give me an idea maybe when the art jam is almost over. x3 I'm considering drawing some bonus supplementals for Issue 2 as a gift to you for your hard work. :3 :hug:
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Thank you! That sounds awesome man, :hug: Call me excited, :3
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You're most welcome. :3
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