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Keeping Up with Thursday Issue 2, page 2

Hello everyone! I'm going to be now re-uploading the Issue 2 'Keeping Up with Thursday' renovated pages. After every five has been done between :iconsirquacky: (Photoshop editor) and I (Flash artist and assistant supervisor), I'll go back and repost the corrected pages to share with everyone. The revised pages are essential to bringing KUWT to unfamiliar readers who, if they had seen the series before, probably had trouble getting into it

Alas, poor Beverly Junebed. What a sad way to really get introduced in the series... being punted by Patrick's toy - hers, rather - the one he stole! This moment would leave her hating on him for as long as they've grown up. Deep down, I don't think Beverly ever truly got over it... but she has softened her stance, each time Patrick gets his comeuppance, be it big or small.

Beverly will indeed be confirmed for Issue 10 this September, when I begin working on the comic right after my birthday on August 22nd. :) While the side comics very faintly touch on her relationship with the boys, Issue 10 will take a more intimate, less-sillier approach to the relationship. :)


"Keeping Up with Thursday" characters, story and artwork by Aaron Mocksing
Restoration and Photoshop Editing Consultant: :iconsirquacky:

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Trying to be on the higher ground of stopping a thieving mouse boy, but life won't even give a break to a little girl. XD
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Well, that's not the ideal way to make a first impression! :XD:
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Patrick you Cad... That's no way to treat a lady! :XD:
Poor Bev simply gets swept off her feet by the fellas of KUWT no matter what. =D

Looking good gents, the restoration project is a hit I say! :iconisayplz:
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:3 We'll go up to Issue 3, gradually and surely, and only one minor edit in Issue 4 I think to make sure it all ties into one another. Then we'll be done! Hopefully I can distribute KUWT comic prints for anyone interested. :)
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I never would have though that she'd turn into such an important character way back when I was first introduced to KUWT. But I'm glad she did! :D
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Truly. :3

The side comics, even with how silly and outlandish they get, still have some resemblance of canon. It became kinda integral that I do them so it wouldn't take years for these characters to happen. :) Everyone would've been far more angrier than they were when Vinnie's story finally got told if these characters wouldn't get their screentime 'til 2015 or later. :giggle:

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Also I think I just barely understood the Street Fighter reference said by Patrick. xD
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I had a hunch. ;p
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Oh yeah, I got the SummerSlam anthology. :D Not Volume 2 or 3, but the first volume and the fourth. :giggle: This'll be a hoot.
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