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'Keeping Up with Thursday' Issue 1

:iconsirquacky: and I will be beginning very soon, once he's able to find an open spot amongst his requests, to begin Photoshopping and editing Issues 1 through 3 of my webcomic "Keeping Up with Thursday". Every page will be spruced up, shaded - darkened - brightened - colored - and given a spitshine, and--

Yes... Patrick's terrible Cockney will be fixed. xD That and the colors were the huge problem of it.

Issues 4 - 6 I believe only need to be resized, at the very least, and I will be sharing the load with him as not to overclutter the next week or so. :3 However, I'm very proud to have had some help working on this project, because KUWT... so much has changed in three years, and while I can't redo the whole series from the beginning, I can at least guide people along to the series in it's 'intended', new format. :3

All of the revised pages, and descriptions, will be replacing all of the old material on here AND on DrunkDuck! I will be keeping the originals as a momento, but they will all be here instead. :3

A BIG HUGE thanks goes to :iconsirquacky: for assisting me. :3 His talent, skill and perseverance is amazing.

You can find Issue 1 in my deviantArt gallery or--- if you'd like to help me out with the DrunkDuck Awards coming up this year, please visit my DrunkDuck webcomics page!

[link] <<<


'Keeping Up with Thursday' artwork, series, cast and designs (c) me, 2010-2013; all rights reserved

With coloring and Photoshop assistance by :iconsirquacky:
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You are very welcome.

It is so nice to meet you
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I like the shadowy symbolism in this one: a casual walk through town with this true colors behind him. :)
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Hehehe. :3 Thanks!
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So this is the very beginning :). Sweet! I tried to draw something. I hope it turned out ok for you ^^. I think the cover design here is very pleasing to the eye. The shadow and the way you put the title words are my favorite parts here.
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Thank you. :3 It's come a long way since December 2010. ^^ I'm so stoked for the fifth years anniversary this year, my friend and I are planning a special cover just for Issue 13. :3
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Can't say too much yet, except I want to start reading this comic eventually (: 
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I must ask: Why is Patrick called "The Thursday Thief?"
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A running gag I had planned which didn't work it's way into the comic over the years was that, his crimes usually somehow seemed to fall on a Thursday more than any other day. The newspapers eventually played up this fact, and Pat couldn't really find a means to escape it, but he's getting used to it.

The other explanation, lol: I originally made the comic with the intent of showing old role-play buddies when he was a myspace RP NPC of mine, that stood out more than the Ratigan I was RPing as. He was dubbed "Thussday" with Ratigan having a criminal ring named after days of the week for anonymity. If I'd have known those RP guys all laughed off the comic, I would've changed the title of the series flat-out, lol. :giggle: But by then I was already into Issue 2 and 3 with the series becoming a small hit to make the change.
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So, it's something that stuck?
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:iconmbisonplz:: OF COURSE!
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Oh wow, thats gonna take some time I'd imagine! But I look forward to seeing your updates! :D

This cover is just adorable! :D I love it! I love how he's just all chillin' and stuff.

I wrote out a "script" for about one or two issues for my comic that I'm doing a lonnngg while ago, but now I feel like I'll go back and redo it again. 0.0 I hate how I'm never satisfied with things a couple of months or whatever later. NYARG IM ANNOYING. XD

Anyhoo, look forward to this! OH YAY! :D
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Ooh! :3 You had a comic going? I encourage you to try it out sometime. :D If some success can happen to me, I'm sure it can happen to anyone, really. :3 Making KUWT has been a meaningfl part of my life and has put me in the right track. :hug:

Hopefully it won't take too long. :3 I'll make sure SirQ and I have equal amount of work amongst us. I'll be doing most of the re-uploading for the pages too. x3
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I did/do! :D When I was in high school, I started a comic strip series which was the prelude (more of less) to my comic series I wanna do now, and I was doing pretty good with it but the older I got, the less I did it because stupid life got in the way. Honestly, when I was younger and even now, I really just wanted to do my own comic series - not necessarily making a job out of it, just...just doing one, you know? Now I'm revising it into a graphic novel like thing. I mean I have ALL these ideas, all these characters, I have all these stories in my head...I've written "scripts" for the first couple of stories as well. But I just haven't been able to find the time to just sit there and work on it recently, and when I do have the time, I never end up doing it. So i'm probably going to have to set a specific day and time and force myself to do it. XD I KNOW that once I get into the swing of it again, I'll become obsessed with it. XD

I think that if you both work on it you can get it done pretty quickly, but there are quite a lot of issues aren't there? :D I can't wait to see the finished products! :D
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We're making progress with the issues right now, actually. :3 I'm helping him out and doing a bulk of them in terms of dialogue edits and some graphical edits, but he's been moving along quick with the edits, this is pretty good. :)
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Whoa a sprucing up, huh? =D
Wish you gents the very best! :hug:
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Thank you! :3 I think it'll really help! If it doesn't, at least it'll be out there. :3 The comic could use some cleaning up.
NezumiYuki's avatar
You're most welcome! =D
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love this cover art. mad skills for A-rod.

err... that's not right.. mad skills for... geez you need a nickname... :plotting:


will get back to you on that. in the meantime... mad skills. i hope to one day help finance your publication. in the meantime... :la: and back to work.
Ari-Dynamic's avatar
I've been called A-Rod once. x3 Back when he was still a Tracy California home favorite. xD I love that, actually. :D

Thanks, bud. :3 I cherish all of you and your fan support. All of you guys. :icongrouphugplz:
8OV's avatar
i swear it makes working a lot easier to do when you meet awesomely talented individuals that just need a break to get on their feet on a different level and... yeah... it should be that those that deserve it should get it, but more and more it seems like those that have it didn't necessarily work for it and those that SHOULD are held back by extraneous circumstances (not all, but the ones that do outshine the ones that don't on both ends of the spectrum)

which is subsequently why CM Punk will forever be the best in the world and Cena will not, but that's a different story altogether XDDD
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