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Keep Up: Svenn Model Sheet 2021

And now for the next model sheet for the upcoming 'Keeping Up with Thursday' webcomic reboot-- Svenn. As you can tell, he's a bit of a bigger lad this time around; obvious inspiration taken from a bit of Bane and Brock Lesnar.

The webcomic reboot may be a little late but I'm hoping to start having some results before the year is done. I'm certainly hoping to introduce a few new characters and their model sheets leading up to that, so here's hoping!

I'd say two more model sheets outta do it, not counting one's I've wanted to make for my characters outside of my webcomic's reboot, haha. One detective, and maybe Miranda, and of course Finnigan. Wait, that's three... XD

Art/Design/Character (c) me

You can find my webcomic on deviantArt, Clickthulu, Facebook, and ComicFury. :3
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© 2021 - 2022 Ari-Dynamic
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A part of me thinks he's got a softer side x'D Neat design for this guy~

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How's things? :3

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Still alive and kicking lol.. It's been routine (work, family and occasionally visiting friends) and the most creative thing I've done was a fanfiction mainly for myself ^^; How about you?? :meow:

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Just commissions and stuff. ^^ Not much else really.

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As long as you're enjoying yourself...? ^_^

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Yeah ^^ Life hasn't really changed since we last hung out haha XD

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