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KUWTNOES Poster -final- variant

By Ari-Dynamic
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This one has only two small differences, one being the obvious being the addition of saying one of my characters from my webcomic is gonna be in it (new readers wouldn't understand it otherwise, lol).

However when you export an image, it makes the file bigger and a bit somewhat prestine, as well actually put the HOLE in the 'A' in 'Nightmare'.

Flash tends to mess up with fonts now and again. Take the 'Fingerprints' font for eample, it covers up the 'O' or 'P' and son.

KUWT/Patrick (c) 2010-2012; all rights reserved
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Yer welcome!
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If you wanna see the comic to it, I've got a folder all for Elm Street. xD I told folks I was gonna do more, but I need a good amount of free time to do it. :nod:
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I just did an its pretty fun and I would like you do more when you have time.
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I like this variant best. Maybe it's because I saw this one first in my thumbnails, but I like the colours on it, they're just sharper. It's really well-done either way though :D
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:D I had trouble getting a good reference for the house that wasn't the worn out, beaten down version. Plus with jpegs, they tend to change the colors just a bit (since I have to use the color picker tool to imitate it). I think the worst case in which this happened was when I did that mouse zombie Bub: I used one of the action figures for reference and wound up with a really weird color response from it.

:D Thank you. :3
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old school horror :)
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I really wish this was being made into a movie. :love:
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I wish I had approval from the producers/company to let this be added into some fanzine for NOES or something; I'm gonna try and make the NOES tribute comic worth keeping around. :3
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