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KUWT: Issue 5 page 6

"Because I was on my own, I had to carpetbag my way to survive... I found old war sites which hadn't been picked off, and lived off of dead soldier camps and belongings. I found some clothes, leftover scraps for money, and a weapon-- but I didn't use it. It was just a threatening warning. I'm quite fond of the sword than the bullet, it's... traditional, I suppose, cultured. Letting my furry mustache grow, since I was getting older anyhow, I did my best to avoid being spotted by anyone my father knew on and off the field of war." - Vinnie


So, let's see... how many references are in this one? xD Fievel Goes West, the ticketbooth is the combined name of 'Jones Avery', making Jonesavery, and we got that chattering Magpies cartoon in there too. If you wanna count the train as Dumbo, who knows, go right ahead. Sorry, no Timothy Q. Mouse for the time being. :V

This page atones for the fact that I think page 5 was a total hackjob on my part. The page should also be bigger, too, with lots of things going on without any time to waste and just move us to where we need to go. I'm now using those quotes at the top of my artist comments now to help guide people with things removed or cut back for Flash or time restraints. I hope they've been helping for the last good while, I don't want anyone to be too confused. :<

Lol, and come now, let's face it.

The mice in An American Tail were dumb enough to think rats were giants. Okay, since Fievel pointed Warren out, then I guess we'll reserve that notion because he was a kid and didn't know any better. But they fell for the puppet with the bad accent? Honestly? Yeah, alright.

If a talking puppet tells me I should watch a Uwe Boll movie because it's chicken soup for the soul, I think I'll laugh and set him on ablaze. The puppet, not Uwe.

You'd think the mice would be 'aware' of what happened but wound up doing it anyway. Go figure, plot device.

Vinnie (c) me, all rights reserved; 2010-2012
from my webcomic, "Keeping Up with Thursday"
art and concept by me

[link] - official site
[link] - my gallery confusing? Go here and see it all!
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A nice cross-country. There's a creepy background character in the first panel that looks like a Southern-style Jack Skullington.
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Great Feivel Goes West reference. ;) I agree, the scenery is gorgeous in this one!
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Thankew. :3

I was gonna wait for KUWT's own sequel to do with it, but I figured, "Why not?" xD
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I like the scenery :)
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