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KUWT: Issue 5 page 4

"My son's reached that time in his life where he's always questioning something--- why people do things, why are we so short, why don't cats have nuzzles like we do, why are animals so big; I don't want to be the one to tell him that sometimes, it's the quickest draw and who's death counts the highest that makes the victor." - Jim, in a journal, date unknown


Given what I explained about Vinnie's family in the previous page, this was intense. I'm surprised I completed it over a course of six hours, including some minor breaks, just to bring it out on time. I hope it came out good, though.

Jim and Columbus' bad blood has gone on for years, and the father is, as noted, quite bitter about the whole thing. Vinnie, a direct opposite, simply doesn't want to be involved. In his eyes, the damage has already done-- he'd rather let life go on and not be involved: why sacrifice another lamb to end the guilty party (in this case, the grandpa, who's South charge is reading absurd proportions).

I wanted to go dramatic fanfare here.

Cheesy? ... I dunno. xD Maybe. But I think it pulled off what needed to be done.

Jim / Vinnie (c) me, all rights reserved; 2010-2012
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Well! Intense page and also a very well-represented debate, since I don't think there is a fair, clearcut answer to this pair of attitudes; I myself tend to agree with Vinnie, but I also have to acknowledge that we can't sit back and do nothing, and it's been thanks to some of the fights in the past that we are where we are... so... I dunno. I can't go against my instincts but I can't write it off either. I think regardless I'd be sticking to my guns like Vinnie if I were in this situation. XD

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I had a feeling this would get pretty heated. Vinnie does have a good point. He just doesn't want his dad to end up killed.
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Maybe it's just me but his long hair makes him look pretty bad***
He just does :)
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Yeah. :D With all of Jim's Civil War victories, they allowed him the privilege to let his hair grow long. :D
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He was in the war? How old is he supposed to be? Because he doesn't look older than seventeen.
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Yeah, Vinnie's dad Jim served throughout the whole Civil War. He would retired with top honors up until this moment, when he finds out that circumstances lead to the Civil War to continue, forcing him to be called back again to end it (and the person behind the South's new resurgence, Columbs, which is Vinnie's grandfather/Jim's dad).

It's an art thing; I'm not good with making folks look aged, but he is technically around his late 30's. Vinnie's as tall as he is. Plus with the limitations of Flash and my computer, I can't really push for more detail, otherwise the home would look a thousand times better than it does now, lol.
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I think the reason I thought that was because letting their grow long "To me" is something that wild teenagers tend to do more than adults.
He really does look good for his age :)
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Ah okay. :3 No harm done. And you're right, too.

I figured I'd try to be different. xD I guess with animals, the dress code didn't necessarily apply to them, in comparison with the human version of the Civil War; especially since each animal's diverse, they just let it go completely. xD Lol.
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Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for the watch. :3
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