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KUWT: Issue 5 page 3

"The devil instead of Daniel got over me that day; I felt a burning hatred of stored frustration. If it wasn't the people, it was my family's sharply divided opinion over who was right, and who was wrong. When I went to London, I was free from that - but the irony of seeing the Devil instead of his followers in the form of Patrick, left me very ill." - Vinnie


I can't help but keep feeling that, unintentionally, Ben Kat in the first panel looks more like the Nostalgia Critic than what I probably wanted. Might just be me though, lol. I hope I never make a bad enough comic wher he or some important internet icon or public in general rips me to shreds. At that point I'd probably just kneel over and die, lol.

Anyways, I guess this garners some explanation. I have plans this year to hopefully go into further detail like I did with Pat/Marie to show how heated Jim and Columbus, or the family in general is, when it came to the Civil War. Dunno when, but it's a surefire bet.

Vinnie's grandfather, Jim's father, was in favor of the Civil War since the beginning. He had predicted it, much to everyone's chagrin, and was strongly vocal with his opinions before eventually siding with the South. It had always been a pain for Eudora to sit through when the two, Jim and Columbus, got into bitter debates over secession and Lincoln's plans and changes. Whether it was about slavery (though no such thing existed amongst their animal-kind; it seemed too silly, it was about the humans around them, if anything else), or fear that the North was trying to become a powerful distopia hellbent on taking over the States. These would go on forever before 'Lum's fears became the result of several book publishings he himself made, spreading throughout Kentucky and eventually, into broader territory.

Grampa Columbus' actions apalled Jim to the point where soon, he would conspire to bring such men who shared his strong beliefs and meetings into their own home, prompting the family to kick him out-- only to be challenged to move several times when Jim enlisted, taking Eudora with them. Kentucky was the last settlement the couple could make to help balance things out, hopefully, while she give birth peacefully to Vinnie near it's end.

Their hatred grew to new levels when Jim refused to help the grandfather in court, or if he did appear in trial, he would promptly see to it that he be punished. Columbus planned a successful assistance in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which Jim failed to stop while being attacked on top of a horse he road, and attempted many other attacks with varied success. By then, the two had eventually disowned each other.

Unbeknownst to Jim, who prayed to god the bloodshed and fear within his family's sake was over, more was brewing. And while we could go on to discuss that... well, most folks don't like TL;DR, so... :V ...for another time.

Either way, Vinnie doesn't want his father to go-- and all that pent up frustration: Terrance going MIA in the war, the family fights he had been involved in growing up, being bullied by Southern hospitality from all sorts, Jim's enemies being many of them, he simply couldn't control it.

And so the breakdown of the Edenton family starts full-swing...

Vinnie/Jim/Ben/Eudora (c) me, all rights reserved; 2010-2012
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Family issues and matter over a war.
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Did Vinnie just say "bullshit??" :faint: Also interesting how the family is divided. Very true to history where "brother fighting brother" (or in this case father and son) was much more than a catchy phrase. :nod:
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Hehehe, yup, Vinnie's snapped. D8 Poor little guy couldn't take it anymore! Lol! xD

This is his James Dean moment right here. x3 "YOU'RE TEARING ME APARRRTTTT!!!" xDDD