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KUWT Issue 5 Prologue

I'm gonna reserve the widespreads for another issue, the ones that really matter, on my comic KUWT. True, it's wide, but that's probably best reserved (1600x1000) for widescreen users. Otherwise, I'd really love to use it... I don't have a widescreen myself. xD I want one, though!

I guess I should discuss this teaser, since I showed it early in advance.

One thing I've noticed in cartoons, or at least some fictional stories with them or whatnot, a lot of their historical moments are visually the same as whatever period they might be involved in or talking about.

I decided to have it so that they're still actively involved in the Civil War. They were apart of the main one that we've been apart of, yes, but in their community... a war is still going on. Think of it kinda like an alternate take on the concept, if you will.

I'll stop spoiling things now and get working on the page. :V

K U W T.


KUWT (c) me, all rights reserved; 2010-2012
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Reading this shows how more civilized humans are compared to anthropized animals. Still fighting a war that ended years decades ago.
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Well, color me intrigued. Teaser; Desired effect obtained!
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I wish I could combine this and the other page together, to create a nice "opening up a book effect", but that'd have to depend on people's screens, I suppose. xD
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Yeah, an undertaking like that is sure to be a trick. Though, have you considered dabbling in flash enough to make a book, what with the turning pages and the cover and all - that you can read like a webcomic?! on the computer??
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I want to. xD

My uncle and I are gonna make plans to put KUWT together, and begin showing it to people at places, hopefully make a sell and get people to read it.

One thing I wanna do before I do that though, is completely redo all of Issue 1. Patrick's speech is awful and the colors are blegh...

But I dunno how I'm gonna do that. I wish I was doing KUWT with a small crew. It's not easy spending too much time on backgrounds, my forte should be the characters and the script.
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I hear you there man, we could all use a small crew. Problem is, time and motivation dont' typically come cheap. Or on par with what you may be searching for, for that matter -if it does happen to come cheap or free. If you come up with a good idea for how to pull this off, I'm all ears, cause I've been trying for years. Sure would be nice to have a small group of folks operating under a single name brand.
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Well, I'm only using a really bare bones Flash program, lol. It's not as hard as it looks to really make a house on this thing: a square and a triangle on top. xD As long as people know that four blocks of wood for all consists of a single brown/red brown gradient with four lines, that's all I want.

I'm not looking for any professional artists - just someone who can add some extra details while I sticker-glue the characters, dialogue and stuff on top. I can do it myself, but it makes the days drag on slower than they should. I find myself less having fun because the extra effort isn't paying off at all, that I've noticed, at least.

I figure with at least one other person at the very least, the process can be done quicker... and maybe even get issues out quicker. With my four-for-one-year-plus-whatever-else-I-can-squeeze schedule, I don't see KUWT getting into it's main plot till at least 2013. Or at least the month before it.

If their help ever did come, the ones I would like, at least, there is no doubt in my mind that I would love to compensate and give them perks like money or something if they needed it. I'm not a greedy bastard, lol.

I'll just leave it like this: doing all the kinds of stuff on these pages can be a painful, eye-burning experience. The zero-money I get and the zero jobs isn't helping me monitor-wise, so I'm pretty screwed in more ways than one. It's come to a point where I would not be surprised if I had carpal syndrome already for sitting on a swivel chair for 10+ hours drawing Patrick and company, and growing arthritis. It's left me moody, pissed, angry all the same.

I won't be around to do this comic if my health get any better, which is why I'm hoping I can give the art duties to someone else while I strengthen my skill on scripts. KUWT would be so much better that way.

But that's not likely to happen. We'll see come 2012's ending.
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Well what it all boils down to is 'ya gotta do what ya gotta do.' And thats the end of it.
Honestly, I reckon it would be just as much trouble to stay on top of some delinquent with a copy of Photoshop as it would be to do it all yourself. But then... I have impossibly high standards and I know for a fact that if I don't do it myself, Chances are high that it will be done NOT according to said standards. Or at least, I THINK for a fact. Best to not have to worry about the compitence of someone else, even if you're sure they can handle it. I've been misled in this department more than once.

I'm trying to get a few things done on my own this time around with my projects, but thats only because I've worked with others on all the projects before, and in that, it feels to me like I havne't done much of anything with those projects. SO. Much as I'd LOVE to have a team, It would essentially feel like I wasn't doing anything but watching as someone else brought my creation to life. Thats a little poor form to my way of thinking, specially when they could be working on something they cared about, something of their own. or something not of their own for money. XD

yeah, sitting around all the time will do that to you. After a nice 6 hour session, I may be finished with a piece, but damned if I don't want to get the hell away from that desk.
Luckily, the only time I sit put at a desk that long is when I'm truly compelled to do the work.
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I know what you mean. xD ...thing is, I don't have high standards for KUWT. At least, not yet. I just really wanna lessen my load.

All of 2011 was spent sitting on a chair in my house, taking abuse from family who thought the comic was never gonna amount to anything, taking abuse from people I really hate who continued to debunk my work-- and these are people who, are right now, spend more time drawing up porn with mixed-to-no success and crappily-written fan-fiction and not really accomplishing anything in comparison to what I've been doing. It's 2012 now and I'm feeling very exhausted, however, I still want to continue because I see hope in it... unrealistic expectations be damned. I see something.

That's probably my only real drive. Just my girlfriend, her friend, and some optimistic drive. But physically, I am rather tired.

Hopefully the day comes when I can give the art duties to someone else while I handle the scriptwork. That's pretty much the only thing my first critique more or less suggested I work on. I've achieved the Disney art style that works with the story on my mouse, so I don't need to worry about that; I fix the story, however, and we all think it'll bring about good fortune.

I have no intention of giving my work's due to someone else. I just want someone whom I can tell to draw me a great panorama shot of the London city and Big Ben in good quality, and maybe some nice shots of the buildings, mice communities, that sort of thing. I'll do the rest. After all, it's my comic. xD
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