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KUWT Issue 5 Cover -complete-

Right now the mice are the star of this show, because a lot of threads have become tangled that need to be straightened: Vinnie's family problems and abuse around the post-Civil War America, and the climactic showdown with Patrick, the orphans, and the evil lunatic Auntie Trissa who murdered one of them, Horace, as punishement for escaping. That's why it's mostly familiar characters, as opposed to adding character I wanted to toss in or created otherwise.

Doing this was a bit tough. The layers got messed up halfway into doing the luggage, requiring a massive retooling that kinda messed things up, need constant fixing, edits, stetching and resizing.

With Flash, I can only do so much that kinda looks like what was going for... so classy Photoshop effects are out the window. My aunt at the Christmas party we were in pretty much summed up: my computer just ain't gonna do it, no matter what happens to it, lol.

But 2012 is a new year for KUWT as it is for you and me, so maybe I'll be given a break and I can give it a shot. I should also consider college, but with those who are self-taught and folks with mentors, why blow a thousand dollars on something I can't repay back, y'know? :B

At any rate, I guess aside from the Flash limitations which hinder this image a lot... here you have it!

The fifth issue of my webcomic 'Keeping Up with Thursday', the comic which throws back like a throwback. :D YAY, IT'S 1986 AGAIN.


Art by me

No, I don't own An American Tail.

Keeping Up with Thursday and characters shown ARE owned by me!

It's not fan art, the theme is to play up my style of art and run with the football. :B Hurr hurr.

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I like the look of Beverly in the top left of the background. :)
Ari-Dynamic's avatar
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Patrick is like "Yea, well.....heres my "British Tail" *middle finger* XD
Very nice for a cover, hopefully nobody will sue XP
Ari-Dynamic's avatar
Hahaha. xD

Hopefully 'parody' is still protected from the constitution. Let's hope SOPA/PIPA doesn't pass this 24th. x__X

If KUWT winds up struck from that bill, well shit, there goes my career. x_x; that point I'll have to look around for people who are looking for artists on webcomics. Fuckin' SOPA. >_<
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Well at least some lawmakers withdrew their support because of the Blackout yesturday. Now it seems Hollywood is threatening Obama cuz he was against it.
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So I heard. :(

I JUST found out now that Megaupload shut down. >__< Now I don't know where to host the QuackerJack mp3s I made for :icontardis24:
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Wow, fascinating cover!
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Thanks. :)

Although the original source has the characters in a circula motion around the central character, I didn't see the need to detach Svenn/Milon the bat as they're essentially two-for-one special.
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Well, I love it! You did a wonderful job at it! *Goes to watch SoN*
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Why thank you. :) Glad you liked.
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It looks awesome! :dance: I'm looking forward to the issue. :)
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Me too! :3 I'm prepping up the first page as we speak. I'll be cutting out the Abraham Lincoln/John Wilkes Booth scene I wanted to do, but I might squeeze it in as a side comic once it's finished.
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I'm sure your comic pages will be better this year, mate :)
Ari-Dynamic's avatar
Let's pray so. :)

I still think my comic is godawful. xD
13foxywolf666's avatar
Bite your tongue! It is not godawful. You put in a lot of hard work and I think it turns out beautifully. :glomp:
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