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Telemachon Lyras, Fourth of the Ezekarion.

'The Masqued Prince’. Black Legion warrior, born of Chemos. Lord of the Shrieking Masquerade and Champion of the Black Legion.
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bonito dibujo.

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My fav in your gallery, relly cool artwork, well done.

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Spectacular depiction of a an arrogant bastard.
I have no issue with the crest, as it is well-established in canon that spacewolves can cram a helmet on over their beards.

What I need is more scenes in novels of guys with their helmets off getting taken out by random shrapnel, stub pistol shots and lasgun blasts through the brain.
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That is actually his helmet.
Damn; you're right. I can see that now.
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If I remember correctly his mask is just as good as a helmet with a breathing apparatus and such.
I mean; for protection, under warhammer handwavium; that's possible easily.
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Poor fella. Everybody think he is evil, but the only thing he needs is hugs.

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It looks like he's already getting them.
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Damn, it looks great.
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Nice. Thought it was a Emperor's Children marine. Lots of Slaanesh style stuff on him
Good work
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He is an Emperor's Children but his allegiance is to the Warmaster of the Black Legion.  For a time he was the herald of Abaddon and one of the best Duelists of all the Chaos Legionnaires.
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