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"The Emperor checked the ornate bolter at His hip. One of the very first boltguns; a progenitor for its kind – not a relic rediscovered from the Dark Age of Technology but an invention of the Emperor’s own design."

This is memories of custodes Sagittarus about the times of Unification Wars on Terra from the book "The Master of Mankind"

This is the thing I wanted to show you. One of the very first boltguns made by the Emperor himself. 

Actually, I didn't want to show some historical event from the Emperor's life. This is something like a symbolic composition(?)

The Emperor lights His way through the Galaxy with the flame of His Sword, behind Him is Holy Terra, which frames His head like the saints halo, and beneath Him are the bones and sculls of those who perished in the endless war that He unleashed.
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The god-emperor himself! This is a beautiful render, and the light from the sword really sets it off. Well done.

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Today's humanity longs for such a state as the Imperium of Humanity, a strong luder like the Emperor of Humanity, a messiah!

Death comes for all. Even the mightiest leaders and Empires fall to the scythe of Death and into Oblivion.

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This is an awesome piece of work, the luster of the armour is really well done, looks great!!

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I can't put into words how much I love this art, absolutely glorious

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Besides a powerful psyker and conqueror, he was also a scientist and engineer with workshops full of many creations of his.

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Love that fire sword
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So magnificent and majestic.

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ironically the emperor was the OG Heretek!

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buen trabajo, me encanta.

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absolutely beautiful

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