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Omegons Wrath. Fan Codex Cover.

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Some kind of stealth field? What else can the make this field project? They could be anyone!

Great work, just the way I like my Alphas (I have a soft spot for them, in my mind they are still loyal to the Emperor, just waiting for the Emperor to ascend to true godhood. Then they will be following the correct 'chaos god' :P).

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bonito dibujo.

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Reminds me of this vid.

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Rather impressive, who is who?

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love this! I wish the Alpha Legion could alter its appearance like That. is it warp sorcery in the image?

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from one green shade to another.

First of all: this is awesome.

Second: Can they just change their appearance like that, or is this just an artistic representation of their nature?

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In most cases probably not but if they got their hands on some crazy xenos tech, or if they had powerful librarians sure why not.

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Per the lore noted in the novel "Sons of the Hydra", the Legion's armor DOES have the ability to shift color pattern on account of the scales flipping to a desired color scheme (or at least some can). Specific honors or markings unique to the Chapter require a Librarian/Sorcerer to generate them from nearby minds to complete the illusion.

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