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Merrani Astra. Commission.

Victory parade of the 3rd Century (Company) of the Merrani Astra (Stars of Merra) passing through the streets Ana Vyss, Capital of the planet Atticosa, 3rd planet of the Atticosa System, Merran Cluster Sub-Sector, Marinus Sector, Segmentum Pacificus, after successfully defending against Waaaaagh! Yazgurk.
Depicted are its Centurion, Lex Galmar, and its Pontifex Primus (Reclusiarch), Rigus Syrar, along with Optio (Sergeant of the Command squad/Purple-white helmet with vertical crest), Xadex Elivar, and Tesserarius (Company Champion/unhelmeted), Dulus Mihar. Beyond them are the survivors of the 3rd Maniple (Demi-Company) that took part in the defence.
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Is the symbol meant to look like the odin rune?

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buen dibujo, me encanta.

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Very nice! The white Chaplain is a great idea!

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buen dibujo, meencanta.

They looks lovely, well done here.

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Good grief. The coloring and detail are astounding. How much does it cost to commission from you?

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