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First Captain Sevatarion.

Jago Sevatarion, known also as Sevatar, "the Condemned," and the "Prince of Crows," was the First Captain of the Night Lords Legion and commander of the Atramentar, the elite Terminators of the VIIIth Legion's formidable 1stCompany. Commission. 
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sevatar~~!!!! this is beyond amazing~~!!!

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30k nightlords your methods are not in keeping with the imperium. - Rogal Dorn

40k nightlords you methods are in keeping with the highest standards of the imperium. - Inquisition

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He is Vlad Incarnate

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Jago is one of the best characters in the Horus Heresy.

What other Captain can SURF on a space fighter IN A SPACE BATTLE, and also calls his Terminator Veterans "Ladies"?

Also, he invented the cry "Death to the false Emperor!"
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amazing art, but for the emperor, die traitor
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The face is a bit strange.

But I love the fact that you made a great effort for the red gauntlet, and to actually stick with the official face of the FW books.

Good work.
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Bloody fantastic!
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Hail Battle Brother! This is glorious. Well done, sir. Great

detail. The Emperor would approve.

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awesome work, great you have chosen Sevatar ^^

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WOW! Badass, cruel and awesome. 
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damn man, why aren't you working for GW? this looks fucking great
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WWE Vince Mcmahon Faint Icon

Great render.

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heeey! nice that you see his amazing art too!
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