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Adepta Sororitas. Healing Wounds.

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I like the idea of this picture but i will never be ok with this haircut and .... Why does they have cheek so red. That doesn't exist naturaly without makeup

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She could be blushing. Not likely and that's just the way the artist wanted it but who knows. :shrug: I'm just assuming due to her looking away from the nurse/doctor/whoever working on her plus the red cheeks, could be she finds the gal attractive but due to her being a Battle Sister (I think, not too familiar with all the WH40K Factions yet) and what not she's trying her best to keep such thoughts down...again, who knows, that's just my assumption.

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One hell of a clean cut on her arm. Must have been Dark Mechanicus or Eldar. Chainswords would leave clear tearing and if it was a Nid she wouldn't be sitting there.

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Looks under interested as if it's another day at work.

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Sometimes, service to the Emperor demands that you sacrifice..

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bonito dibujo.

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I like the idea of a Sister beeing prepared for an augmetic... But why are the both wearing so little?
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They are probably back aboard ship or back at their convent. Outside of battle the Sisters don't wear their armor. They are warrior nuns so I would assume habits would be worn but "off-duty" clothing is probably something as well.

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DAMN that is a big lady! Are they really that big? Are they stealing geneses essence?

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Remember the Sisters of Battle recruit from all over. On a planet with higher gravity a woman might develop to be as tall and muscular as a man simply to overcome the gravity.

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