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Hello dear friends!

After a small hiatus I've decided to open new slots for commissions this winter.

The main reason is the need of a new computer.
I feel that my laptop is starting to get old and I'm not able to work as fast as I should.
Also it tends to freeze and I'm afraid I can lose commissioned artworks because of that.
A new computer will allow me to work with bigger resolutions and will help with my 3D work aswell.

This year I'm attending to 3D modeling classes, which will help me with my illustration works and will expand my skills into a new level.
This means I will only be able to work on pieces that do not require a deadline, combined with my 3D homework,
so keep in mind your piece might take some time to be completed before reserving a slot.

I'm thinking about finishing 1-2 pieces per month, but this might vary according to my schedule.

*edit 12-11-2018*: Due to my schedule I am going to be able to grab two slots per month at least, so I might come to you sooner : )
Also, I already gathered the money for my new PC. So thank you so much for your support, dears!  
:bulletred: *edit 07-01-2019*: I recently got hired as freelance for an urgent project I have to complete. Because of that I will have to cancel commissions as I am not able to work on both at the same time.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



 Commissions FAQ (PDF)


Winter Commissions Slots


Ignasty@ Tw  

LeilaAscariz FINISHED

finaIfrantasy@ Tw  FINISHED

S. Magnussen FINISHED
 Astranna FINISHED

tyrson79 FINISHED

Jackie Manchester FINISHED


lauryn049 FINISHED





TheDoors (Disc) (~~)

Cocoskylie :bulletgreen:
Nyrithiya :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

 ----------------- 2019 -----------------

*Moving slots up ^ according to schedule*

The Little Roguelite (Gm)


As some of you already know I am working on some merchandising for a convention and this is filling most of my time lately. This means I haven't been able to accept all the commission requests I would have liked to and as a result I ended up with a waiting list that is increasing more and more.

This journal is just to inform you guys that I will try to start all those holding commissions slowly and one by one, just in order to not make you super anxious about the waiting.

Also, those people who have slots holding for Experimental Portrait Commissions will still benefit from the special offer. After that all the portrait commissions will have a regular price cost again.

Regular prices can be found here, in case you are interested:

Also, I want to thank everybody for your patience and your interest on having a piece done, and also apologize for not being able to accept all of your orders at the same time. I have been busy lately and honestly this is the first time I have this amount of work, so thank you so much for your trust! ;u;

If anybody has any other question, feel free to note me!

Holding List (note me if I forgot you! >.<)

:bulletgreen: Astranna In Progress (Experimental)
:bulletgreen: Artemmys In Progress (Experimental)
:bulletblue: HeySeb Holding
:bulletblue: Sethera1980 Holding
:bulletblue: GPTarrant Holding

Hello there guys,

It's been a while since my last journal. I know I'm not a very talktive person in public and I progressively lost interest in dA through the years. However this time I would like to write a thankful message to all of those people who keep supporting me, no matter what.

First, I would like to thank everybody who recently followed me here. I would like to welcome you all separately, but you guys have been over 300 so it's impossible to answer to all of you. Also we reached +3,000 watchers, yey!
I also would like to give a special thanks to :iconlovelessdevotions: for granting me my 5th Daily Deviation. I am really happy that you guys enjoy my work *sobs* 

Lastly, I would like to apologize for my lack of activity here. As I said before, I have never been very active in any social media/accounts. Also some personal issues regarding a third party trying to smear my reputation among work mates are giving me headaches and honestly that does not makes me feel safe. If you had or have to deal with a toxic person, you know how those things works, how even if you can't be manipulated again, others get the manipulation against you instead. Is very tiring and makes you feel suspicious about everything and everyone.

Thank you so much for your support guys! :heart: :hug:

This journal is gonna be a friendly reminder to all my followers.

:damphyr: Twitter
:damphyr: Artstation…

As I mostly use deviantART as a gallery for final pieces, I want to invite you to my other social media accounts. I am most active there and I post WIPs, random drawings and stuff like that, so if you are interested on that kind of content, feel free to follow me there.

I do also organize contests from time to time in twitter, so make sure to follow me there if you want to participate!

thank you! :heart:
Hi there ^u^

I am in the mood of painting some experimental portraits at the moment, so I'm opening commissions for those who are interested instead of drawing random characters for myself. This is mostly to practice and experiment with colours and textures.

:bulletblack: Type of commission: Experimental portrait (example below)
:bulletblack: Payment : 20€/25$ Paypal only
:pointr: :note: Send me a note if you are interested

:pointr: :iconfrenziiied: -  Done
:pointr: :iconfrenziiied: -  Done
:pointr: :iconjeanstarwind482: - Done
:pointr: :iconotherthanme: - Done
:pointr: :iconbraumm: - Done
:pointr: :iconaprylfools: - In process
:pointr: :iconiviernu: - Paid
:pointr: :iconiviernu: - Paid

        Thank you!