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November 29, 2020
.: Midnight Farewell :. by arhiee
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.: Midnight Farewell :.


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William Wither, commissioned by Dawnwell96

:bulletblack: Software: Photoshop
:bulletblack: Tablet:Cintiq 24'
:bulletblack: Commissions INFO:
:bulletblack: Follow me on Twitter: @iarhiee

:bulletred:Please do not use this image in any way without permission. Characters belong to my commissioners only
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Great looking armor and attention to detail!

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what a wonderful artwork

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this is breathtaking, so much emotion in his expression, pose and lighting. if there was a book about him I would read it in a heartbeat

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It's in the slow process, you can check out Dawnwell96 on Twitter to keep yourself updated! :) Thank you so much though, this really made my week. I couldn't have been more overjoyed with the breath-taking work masterfully painted by Arhiee and her incredible skill!

sauronlivez's avatar

I love the mood your image evokes. The color palette and the lighting are masterful!

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This has a funerary brooding air to it, yet with the same tranquillity and peaceful feel of sleep.

The contrast of shadow with small streak of light from a specific angle is subtly powerful, the intricate layered design of his Armour with harmonization of sharp edges and smooth curves mirrors both his personality, aptitude and his history of both extremes be it in battle or approach to knight's ethic. Even his expression reflects a sense of finished duty, inner peace and having fulfilled duty to fullest in the chaos of war. Alongside intricately patterned bas-relief of the floor, having his body seem "afloat" just above is a ingenous choice as it does connect the ethereal spiritual with the material and frozen time (This was used in the film "Gladiator" to best effect).

Thanks So Much for this, apologies if this comment was excessive but seeing how even a digital painting can evoke and express so much is proof that honestly crafted art of any medium has soul that could be felt personally.

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Wow! You really put effort into this comment. I cannot express how happy I am that you took your time to read the symbolism on the piece. I knew exactly what I wanted when I commissioned Arhiee, and she managed to bring that vision to life. If you'd like to know more about the character you can follow me on Twitter on Dawnwell96 to keep updated on the project!

Regardless, thanks for putting the effort into the comment. Arhiee created the most masterful art. It will definitely bring interest to the story. Couldn't thank her enough, please continue supporting her work!

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Thank you so much for such a long comment! It is very interesting to me, I like to know that you appreciated all those little details and that you took the time to write them here <3 thank you so much for your kind words <3

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No Problem, there's so much to learn not to mention admire from here. Thank YOU agaim for this, hope you continue to draw and create more! ☆

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Oh my gosh this is amazing. I don't mean to sound cheesy but it feels like coolness radiates off the image

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@nightshade-keyblade, this made me think of you. :heart:

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Thank you once again for thinking of me and sharing this with me, dearheart :heart: revamp

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Ooh really sad but pretty.

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Amazing artwork!!!
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A most lovely and elegiac piece of work.:nod:

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Wow, Excellent!! :clap: !!!

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Damn, he is so beautiful, and also, i love the background!!

Epic job ;)

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