Wordplay Vol. 5

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By arhcamt
Volume 5 is here! :D Sorry for being late. ^^; We have two months in this article, September DDs and October DDs. Without further ado, on to the news! :#1:

September 08 Text Art DDs

3,6,5 typO caLender by rOargh :thumb47174590:
The Hand by it3m :thumb89959177: Representational B and W text by Tinik :thumb86167496:
:thumb97596176: tpography tree by fikriye Lifetime Promise by arhcamt :thumb91286634:
Literature 1 Large by james119 :thumb95525154: Alphabet by NABDH :thumb66890590:
the way by maxf ramadhan kareem by Digi-Butterfly classicalGUITAR by DrZapp
Love Wallpaper by myargie22 RamZan 2 by XtremeHeart Typo Treatment 2 by onrepeattt
i hate you... by Dufoe88 Confessions of a Student by BrokeNL Written Megaman xD by Cieltron but I don't speak::Typograph by xwcg
Lemons by Beautelle Distress by M-a-R-c-U-s

October 08 Text Art DDs

Got a Light by DesertViper Typomin M by cooldesignvn Poverty in Africa by Mattie7777 color blocks by chapolito
Highheel typeface by zummi Turkish Flag Typo by omerfarukciftci Eat McD Fat by anjanimiranti carry ON by CHIN2OFF
DAGR mega collab by SektrOne :thumb97230736: a present by pixeleyes

and last but not least..

Happy Halloween!

Fella Halloween Style by diamondie I love Pumpkins by de-Mote

See you in the next volume! :wave:
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CaitlinWorthington's avatar
Great article, really enjoyed looking at these pieces!
BLUEgarden's avatar
saya sk text art :clap:
sendok's avatar
So many amazing text arts :D
HardToName's avatar
Text art is underappretiated.

I've talked to people who said "Well that looks easy, I bet I can make something better"


Great journal.
HardToName's avatar
I mean article.
Ali704's avatar
Amazing DD most of them on my fav list
AhmedGalal's avatar
Great stuff !!
hope to see more next month :)
MissNooy's avatar
These are amazing and inspiring stuff! :)
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